What is a CV mean?

Curriculum Vitae

What is a combined CV?

A combination CV is a mixture of a chronological and a skills-based/functional CV. Essentially, it’s a chronological CV with a key skills or core competencies section at the top. This is ideal if you want to emphasise your key skills and particularly good if you’re changing fields entirely.

What is a chrono functional CV?

The chrono-functional (CF) format is a resume of ability-focused topics — portable skills or functional areas that position you best for your new job target (or to overcome some challenge in your timeline). A chrono-functional resume format, which is used to overcome timeline challenges in your work history.

How do you write a skills based CV?

Create a skills summary The first section of your CV after your professional profile should be your ‘skills summary’. Focus on the four key skills you have chosen (ensuring they are relevant to the job) and list out any key achievements related to these skills.