What are the best products for the blind?

We offer the lowest prices on the largest selection of low vision products for the blind and visually impaired. Our low vision devices include Braille items, canes, calendars, talking watches, computer products, magnifiers, music players/recorders, specialty sunglasses, and much more. MaxiAids has tools for the blind and those with low vision.

When did the bodyfuelz health food shop open?

BodyFuelz was established in October 2015 in an effort to promote healthy eating and to make it convenient and affordable for everyone. BodyFuelz’s mission is to produce high quality and nutritious meals delivered right to your doorstep, workplace or gym. We have you covered from breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in-between!!

What can a blind person carry on their body?

We carry everything for the blind and visually impaired including canes and mobility aids, magnifiers, talking watches, talking clocks, talking bibles, large print books, smoke detectors, Braille products, talking cooking gadgets, voice recognition software and much, much more.

What kind of company is Celco Profil SRL?

The company, based in Vigonovo (Venice), has been operating for over 40 years in the industrial automation sector. The company works particularly in the design and production of electrical manifolds, fluid couplings for air, water and oil and the combination of two components (in standardized and non standardized versions).

Are there hearing aid testers for the blind?

MaxiAids has tools for the blind and those with low vision. We have everything you need to help you live a more active, healthy and independent lifestyle. Most popular hearing aid battery tester! Will shake you awake! For hearing impaired users or heavy sleepers!

What are the products for the visually impaired?

Binoculars for Low Vision Magnifying Mirrors Reading Glasses Prismatic Spectacles Sunglasses & Filters NoIR Sunglasses Cocoon Fitovers Low Vision Lighting Natural Daylight Lamps Magnifying Lamps Floor Lamps Desk Lamps Portable Lighting & Flash Lights Replacement Light Bulbs Daily Living Products for the Visually Impaired