Does Horrid Henry have a crush on Moody Margaret?

Margaret likely develops a crush on Henry in series 4, although it is unknown because in the episode Horrid Henry Gets Married, Henry bumps his head and sees a vision of the future, and he is engaged to Margaret.

What is Moody Margaret’s friend called?

Sour Susan is Moody Margaret’s BEST FRIEND, even though they’re always rowing!

Is Horrid Henry a girl or a boy?

Throughout the series, Henry appears to be a ‘horrid’ boy, indicated by the people around him, including his parents and teacher. He appears to be around 10 years old from Horrid Henry’s Birthday until Horrid Henry’s Birthday Bonanza. Henry appears to turn 11 in Horrid Henry’s Birthday Bonanza onward.

Is Tidy Ted a girl?

Ted is a polite young boy who takes pride in his appearance. He also appears to be quite friendly in Horrid Henry and the Detention Club.

What is Perfect Peter’s friends called?

Well, with a perfect little brother called Peter and a Mum and Dad who don’t understand that Gross Class Zero is essential TV viewing, who can blame him?! Henry’s pet is a hamster called Fang, he’s the inventor of the Snotslimer and his best friend is called Rude Ralph.

What is Perfect Peter’s real name?

Ross Marron
In Horrid Henry: The Movie, Ross Marron plays him, and in the TV series, Emma Tate voices him. Behaviour Rating 9.

Does Rude Ralph have a crush on Henry?

In other episodes such as Horrid Henry’s School Fair, they were seen together alone chatting. Another reason that this is most likely not a hint of Al having a crush on Gurinder is that in this episode, as stated above the roles are changed, so this could truly mean that Rude Ralph has a crush on Gurinder.

Who is Horrid Henry’s best friend?

Rude Ralph is Henry’s best friend, but like Moody Margaret and Sour Susan, it’s a bit of a love/hate friendship. One minute they’re playing hysterical pranks on unsuspecting worms (Perfect Peter), the next they’re rowing over anything and everything.

Who is Moody Margaret in the Horrid Henry series?

Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe (known as Moody Margaret) is Henry’s neighbour and a rival of his in the Horrid Henry franchise. Margaret is the leader of the Secret Club similar to Henry’s Purple Hand Gang and they rival one another while the two live next door to each other.

Who is Moody Margaret in The Hunger Games?

Margaret is a self-absorbed, grumpy, spiteful, and cantankerous girl who shares an intense rivalry with Henry, and their opposing neighborhood clubs continuously develop practical jokes or conspiracies against one another. They often resort to being allies when left with no other options.

What kind of clothes does Moody Margaret wear?

Margaret appears to have pale skin, a pointy nose, rosy cheeks, and magenta hair tied into a spiky ponytail with a lavender scrunchie. She wears a green cardigan with a white and lavender striped shirt underneath, a dark green skirt, frilly light lavender socks, and pink toe cap lace-up boots.

Why does Moody Margaret put Peter in a trash can?

In Moody Margaret Moves In, Margaret stuffs Peter in a trash can and leaves him outside to be taken to the dump so Henry can be blamed for it. The parents are angry at Henry only for Henry to deny it. So they ask Peter. Margaret tells Peter to never tell on a guest.