What is InfoWorks used for?

Infoworks automates data operations and data orchestration for developing and managing big data workflows from ingestion all the way to consumption in cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

What is InfoWorks ICM?

InfoWorks ICM (Integrated Catchment Modelling) is the first software of its generation to allow modelling urban and river catchments in a single model. It can integrate storm and sever networks as well as rivers. InfoWorks ICM is a solution for sewers, storms, rivers problematics or a combination of them.

What is innovyze ICM?

Pollution Control Assessments. Perform sediment transport and water quality monitoring across both 1D and 2D areas. InfoWorks ICM lets you model dissolved oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, pH, salt, water temperature, coliforms, and more.

What is InfoSWMM?

InfoSWMM is a fully dynamic, geospatial wastewater and stormwater modeling and management software application. InfoSWMM can be used to model the entire land phase of the hydrologic cycle as applied to urban stormwater and wastewater collection systems.

What is XP Swmm?

XP-SWMM is a collection of computer programs that simulate rainfall-runoff processes in urban watersheds in addition to the transport of the runoff through pipes and channels. RUNOFF for determining flow generated from rainfall in a defined watershed or catchment.

What is Tuflow model?

TUFLOW is a suite of powerful numerical model engines for flood and coastal model. TUFLOW Classic is our flagship 1D network and 2D fixed grid based software for simulating flood and tidal flow. This modelling approach reduces the number of computation cells in a model and hence reduces simulation times.

What is SewerGEMS software?

OpenFlows SewerGEMS streamlines the modeling process, so that you have more time for solving wastewater engineering problems, such as improving capacity and limiting sewer overflows, which ultimately enable utilities to comply with sewer regulations set by regulatory agencies.

Is HydroCAD free?

With a free trial you get a full 1000-node HydroCAD system, without any restrictions other than the duration of the trial period. When the trial expires, you’ll have the option to purchase a permanent license or use HydroCAD on an hourly basis. To get started, visit the Trial Download Page.

What does Tuflow stand for?

TUFLOW. St d f. ▪ Stands for. Two-Dimensional Unsteady Flow.

What is Tuflow used for?

TUFLOW is the industry leader in benchmarked, accurate computer simulation software for a diverse range of applications: flooding assessments; infrastructure design and optimisation; dam break assessment; urban drainage; emergency response planning; coastal hydraulics; sediment transport; coastal, estuarine and …

What is the difference between SewerCAD and SewerGEMS?

SewerCAD was one product and SewerGEMS Sanitary was another, but they were essentially both SewerCAD because both used the same solver. The only real difference was that SewerGEMS Sanitary came packaged with SewerGEMS and had the ability to integrate with ArcGIS.

How much is SewerGEMS?

How much is SewerGEMS? A practitioner license of OpenFlows SewerGEMS costs $2,544 – $12,731 USD at Virtuosity.com depending on the desired pipes.

Why do you need to know about InfoWorks?

Infoworks applies intelligent automation across a comprehensive suite of functionality that covers the entire data operations and orchestration workflow to onboard, prepare and operationalize data. WHY INFOWORKS?

What does InfoWorks WS pro hydraulic modeling software do?

InfoWorks WS Pro enables scalable, enterprise-access hydraulic models, with multi-user access and editing, customizable user permissions, version-controlled model tracking, and data flags to keep track of changes in the model.

How does InfoWorks automate analytics in the cloud?

Infoworks provides a complete foundation for enterprises to operate analytics at scale on any cloud, any big data platform, and all types of data Automate the process for launching analytics and ML use cases to speed deployments. Reduce dependence on specialized talent through a code-free environment that requires minimal maintenance.

How did InfoWorks solve the big data problem?

The solution included data ingestion, data synchronization, data preparation, cube generation and orchestration and management of data workflows in production on a collaborative platform. Based on this experience, Amar started Infoworks, which is now the third time he has solved the problem of simplifying away the complexity of big data.