What does USC chant?

“Fight On” is the fight song of the University of Southern California. It was composed in 1922 by USC dental student, Milo Sweet, with lyrics by Sweet and Glen Grant, for a student spirit competition.

What are USC sayings?

When the Trojans are playing offense:

  • ” GO S-C!” ( Clap)
  • ” Let’s Go Trojans!” ( Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap)
  • ” Here We Go Trojans, Here We Go!” ( Clap, Clap)

What is a Spirit Leader in cheer?

The role of a spirit leader goes beyond leading the crowd from the sidelines or competing for a trophy. It’s about being a positive leader in your community and ambassador for your school or university, no matter the circumstances.

Is it hard to become a USC Song Girl?

The path to becoming a USC song girl is hard and long. In fact, as thrilled as the new squad members were this night, they were equally apprehensive. Their performance at this game, and at basketball games to follow, would be carefully scrutinized.

What are some USC traditions?

USC Traditions

  • University Seal. The university’s seal displays three torches, representing the arts, the sciences and philosophy.
  • Motto. Palmam qui meruit ferat.
  • Alma Mater.
  • Trojan Shrine.
  • Official Fight Song.
  • Traveler.
  • Trojan Marching Band.

What is a USC Song Girl?

Who are the USC Song Girls? The Song Girls are a renowned spirit and dance team at USC, where they’ve performed and cheered at athletic events since 1968. But don’t confuse the squad with cheerleaders. The Song Girls don’t dance to piped-in music or perform any stunts or gymnastics.

What is a high school spirit team?

To promote school spirit by actively involving all fans in cheering at games, pep assemblies, and special events. Spirit teams will serve as an effective means to build an active, cohesive, supportive and enthusiastic student body at school athletic events and promotions.

Does USC have a dance team?

Trojan Dance Force (TDF) is the official dance team of USC Athletics. The team practices 2-3 times a week and performs at all Men’s and Women’s home basketball games, in addition to performances and appearances at other USC Athletics and Alumni events.

What are some fun facts about USC?

In a clear sign of USC’s athletic and cultural impact, USC is the only university on the world to have a gold-medal winning athlete in every Summer Olympic games since 1912. USC is also the only university to have an alum nominated for an Oscar every year since the Academy Awards’ inception in 1929.

Who are the current song Girls at USC?

(USC Photos/USC University Archives) Current coach Lori Nelson, center, was a Song Girl, and daughters Whitney and Natalie continued the legacy. (Photo/Lori Nelson) The Song Girls not only show school spirit at USC’s bowl games, but they also have appeared at events such as the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia.

Who was the trumpet player for the USC Marching Band?

The trumpet “Charge,” heard often at athletic contests, was composed by a post-World War II USC student named Tommy Walker. As a member of the Trojan Marching Band, he was known as “Tommy Trojan,” and as a USC football player, he would shed his band uniform, come down from the stands, and kick extra points (he lettered in 1947).

What’s the fight song for the USC football team?

This song is usually played after first downs and touchdowns. The music for USC’s fight song, “Fight On,” was composed in 1922 by USC dental student Milo Sweet (with lyrics by Sweet and Glen Grant) as an entry in a Trojan spirit contest.

What are the chants for the ultimate camp?

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