What is ReadSoft software?

Software solutions ReadSoft is a pioneer in Purchase-to-Pay automation. The software solutions focus on the Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Record-to-Report processes. The software is part of Kofax and is the cornerstone of the Financial Process Automation portfolio.

Did Kofax buy ReadSoft?

ReadSoft had operations in 17 countries and a partner network in an additional 70 nations. In July 2017, private equity and growth capital firm Thoma Bravo acquired and combined ReadSoft, Kofax, and Perceptive Software into an independent portfolio company named Kofax.

Is ReadSoft part of SAP?

Kofax ReadSoft® Process Director is your comprehensive solution for managing all document and request-driven accounts payable automation in SAP, from purchase-to-pay, to order-to-cash and record-to-report. A single portal to view, edit and direct relevant processes quickly and efficiently.

What is ReadSoft invoice?

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices™ is an OCR and data capture platform that automates the scanning, interpreting and filing of invoice data. The extracted data is transferred to your enterprise systems where it’s accessible throughout the financial process workflow.

What is Process Director?

Process Director is a business process automation platform that empowers citizen developers and IT teams to build business applications that automate and improve their most critical processes.

What is Kofax process director?

Kofax Process Director™ offers a single platform for handling a wide range of document-driven and request-driven business processes within your SAP® system. The platform acts as a control center for directing processes so information can be automatically matched against SAP master data or transactional data.

What is SAP Process Director?

The Process Director is a uniform platform for managing large groups of various processes within the SAP system. Its Process Director Accounts Payable sub-module focuses on processes connected with incoming invoices processing. The platform can be easily adapted to manage specific processes.

What is Webcycle?

Web Cycle is a complete workflow solution for processing incoming invoices. For each individual processing step, the invoice image and the invoice data in electronic form are routed through the company and can be attached, annotated, and approved by the various workflow users.

What is the role of a process manager?

The Process Manager (sometimes known as a Process Development Manager) is responsible for taking a product through from original idea to production line, ensuring that all technical standards are achieved and that the product makes a suitable profit for the company.

What is SAP Pdap?

The core concept of Process Director for Accounts Payable is its integration into SAP. It leverages your existing SAP-infrastructure, including authority and authorization structures, and the underlying master and transactional data required for invoice validations.

What is SAP Webcycle?

WEB CYCLE takes over after ReadSoft’s inVoiCE CoCKPit has verified your incom- ing invoices in SaP®. the invoices are routed to the correct people who can approve them or pass them on for further processing. SAP® users can handle exceptions, coding, and invoice approval inside their familiar SAP® environment.