What is front matter in Jekyll?

YAML front matter is perhaps the most important aspect of creating sites through Jekyll. It allows you to control how Jekyll processes and builds pages, create page-specific variables, and triggers file processing.

What is front matter YAML?

YFM is an optional section of valid YAML that is placed at the top of a page and is used for maintaining metadata for the page and its contents.

What is YAML front matter of your Rmarkdown file?

Generally, R Markdown files consist of two parts. The first is the YAML front matter that contains the documents meta information and rendering options. It is located at the top of the R Markdown document. The second part is the main body that contains R code chunks and prose in Markdown format.

What is Jekyll permalink?

Permalinks are the output path for your pages, posts, or collections. They allow you to structure the directories of your source code different from the directories in your output.

What should be included in the front matter?

The front matter is a section in the beginning of a book. The front matter in a book consists of: the title page (which includes copyright information, the ISBN number, etc.), the dedication, the epigraph, table of contents, acknowledgements, the foreword, the preface, the introduction, and the prologue.

What is the front matter of a report?

Front matter is the first portion of the report and contains the title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, forward, preface, and list of abbreviations and symbols. Some of the elements of the front matter may not be required; however, the title page and table of contents are mandatory.

Why is Jekyll a static website?

Jekyll isn’t actually “running” the live website; rather, Jekyll is a “static site generator”: it helps you create the static site files, which you then host just as you would any other HTML website.

What is a standard page front matter?

What is front matter? Front matter is the first section of a book and is generally the shortest; it is also sometimes called the prelims, or preliminary matter. It can be as simple as a single title page, or it can include multiple title pages, foreword, a preface, and much more.

Is introduction part of front matter?

Introduction (if not included in text): Introductions are usually included in the main text of the book; however, in some cases (for example, when the introduction is written by someone other than the author) it should be included in the front matter.

What are front matters?

English Language Learners Definition of front matter : the pages at the beginning of a book before the main part.

What is front and end matter?

In technical writing, we call this information front matter, body and end matter. Providing strong information before, during and after the document will help readers determine who should read the document, what the content will be and what conclusions the author wants the reader to make as a result of the information.

How are YAML front matter blocks processed in Jekyll?

Any file that contains a YAML front matter block will be processed by Jekyll as a special file. The front matter must be the first thing in the file and must take the form of valid YAML set between triple-dashed lines. Here is a basic example:

How to use front matter in YAML file?

Front Matter Front matter is a snippet of YAML placed between two triple-dashed lines at the start of a file. You can use front matter to set variables for the page: — my_number: 5 —

How are categories set in front matter Jekyll?

When the site is generated the post will act as though it had been set with these categories normally. Categories (plural key) can be specified as a YAML list or a space-separated string. Similar to categories, one or multiple tags can be added to a post. Also like categories, tags can be specified as a YAML list or a space-separated string.

How can I use Jekyll for a blog post?

Jekyll also has a handy drafts feature tailored specifically for blog posts. You can also set your own front matter variables you can access in Liquid. For instance, if you set a variable called food, you can use that in your page: These are available out-of-the-box to be used in the front matter for a post.