Can you walk with a T12 fracture?

All the patients with L1 fractures and 70.9% of the patients with T12 fractures were able to walk independently with or without walking aids, but unfortunately, all the patients with T10 and T11 fractures didn’t regain the walking ability even 12 months after surgery.

How long does it take for a fractured T12 to heal?

This takes most of the pressure off the fractured vertebral body, and allows the vertebrae to heal. It also protects the vertebra and stops further collapse of the bone. Vertebral fractures usually take about three months to fully heal.

What does the T12 vertebrae control?

The region of your spinal cord protected by this vertebra controls your abdominal muscles, lower back, stability and support. Unfortunately, pain from a T12 injury can be tricky to diagnose as it can radiate to other areas of your body and not be centered where the injury actually is.

What do you do for a T12 compression fracture?

The most common treatments for a thoracic compression fracture are pain medications, decreasing activity, and bracing. Doctors are also using newer nonsurgical procedures called vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. These methods are minimally invasive and showing promise in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

What does a thoracic fracture feel like?

If the fracture is caused by a sudden, forceful injury, you will probably feel severe pain in your back, legs, and arms. You might also feel weakness or numbness in these areas if the fracture injures the nerves of the spine.

How do you sleep with a T12 fracture?

Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. This will decrease pressure on your back. You may also sleep on your side with 1 or both of your knees bent and a pillow between them. It may also be helpful to sleep on your stomach with a pillow under you at waist level.

What nerves are affected by T12?

T12-L1 Pinched Nerve: The T12 spinal nerves are responsible for the abdominal muscles and the skin over the buttocks. A pinched nerve at this level may cause pain into the buttocks or over the abdomen.

Can you recover from a C5 spinal injury?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment which will completely reverse the spinal cord damage from a cervical vertebrae injury at the C3 – C5 levels. Medical care is focused on preventing further damage to the spinal cord and utilization of remaining function.

How to recover from a T12 compression fracture?

Core Strength Exercise for a T12 Compression Fracture. Most compression fractures occur in the thoracic section of the spine. T12, or thoracic vertebra 12, is the last vertebra in the thoracic spine, right at the top of the lower back curve. Falls in which a person lands on the buttocks or feet can cause a compression fracture of the T12 vertebra.

What should you not do after cataract surgery?

Do not drive until after the first day following your surgery. Do not perform heavy lifting or strenuous activities. To help prevent infections, do not swim or use a hot tub.

When to take a nap after cataract surgery?

You will be provided with a protective shield for your eye that should be worn during sleep (even naps) for at least the first week after your cataract surgery. This will help you avoid rubbing your eyes and/or causing an accidental injury to your eye while it is in the recovery phase.

Can a person be paraplegic with a broken t9-t12 vertebrae?

If there is a severe injury to the T9 – T12 vertebrae, like a fracture due to a car accident or violent trauma, then the patient may be left a paraplegic. However, people with thoracic injuries can still: