How old is Brittney Cole?

Quick Facts: Who Is Brittney Marie Cole? 10 Facts On Brian Kelley’s Wife

Name Brittney Marie Cole
Age 30
Gender Female
Nationality American

Where is Brittany Kelly from?

Brittany K. Kelly was born on January 18, 1989 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her family moved to Georgia when she was six months to a city called Clarkston then Lithonia and finally settling in Stone Mountain for good.

How old is Brian Kelley wife?

“Just get a little better rest maybe.” The 28-year-old singer married Cole, 23, in an outdoor ceremony in Nashville last year and since then, he said his wife loves being on the road with the boys. Something Kelley said fans should also be happy about when it comes to the future of the duo’s music.

Is Brian Kelly going solo?

But on Friday, just over four months after the release of FGL’s fifth studio album for BMLG Records, Kelley will step out on his own with his full-length debut solo album, the boots-and-beaches-themed Sunshine State of Mind.

Is Brian Kelley still married?

Florida Georgia Line star Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney Cole Kelley’s romance was quite a whirlwind that included a secret marriage in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 16, 2013! The attention, however, hasn’t changed Brian Kelley’s wife over the last seven years— she is as natural and free-spirited as ever!

How did Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley meet?

2008 – Belmont University Kelley and Hubbard met at the Nashville-located university through a campus worship group, and began writing together between classes. Kelley is from Ormond Beach, Florida, and Hubbard is from Monroe, Georgia — thus deciding on the name Florida Georgia Line.

Where does Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line live?

Ormond Beach
Kelley is from Ormond Beach, Florida, and enjoyed playing sports and music growing up. He moved to Nashville to go to school and play baseball at Belmont University, where he met Tyler Hubbard, the other member of Florida Georgia Line….Brian Kelley (musician)

Brian Kelley

Is Brian Kelley still in Florida Georgia Line?

His first solo album is all Florida all the time. In the hit making country duo, Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley is known as the “Florida” half. In fact, Kelley and FGL partner Tyler Hubbard began discussing their solo ambitions in 2016, and FGL is still very much intact.

Does Brian Kelley have a kid?

Hubbard, 34, on the other hand, has three children with his wife, Hayley Hubbard — Olivia, 3, Luca, 23 months, and Atlas, 10 months. The “Undivided” singer had a vasectomy in October 2020, posting an Instagram photo of himself with a frozen bag of peas between his legs.

How old is Brian Kelley Florida Georgia Line?

36 years (August 26, 1985)
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How old is the wife of Brian Kelley?

As of 2021, she is around 31 years old. Brittney Marie Cole is an actress, fashion entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is best known for being the wife of Brian Kelley, one half of the iconic country music duo, Florida Georgia Line.

Who was Brian Kelley’s bandmate at his wedding?

As a wedding gift, Brian’s bandmate, Tyler Hubbard, gifted the couple with a 23 ft. teepee that both Brian and Brittney use as a space to explore their creativity and to spend some time together. Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Married.

When did Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line get married?

On the 16th December 2013 after dating for a few months, she married singer of the country band Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley. The couple tied the knot in a ceremony that was low-key and very intimate with only a few close friends, colleagues and family members invited. The reception was held at Brian’s 32-acre property.

Where did Brian Kelley and Brittney Cole get married?

The couple tied the knot in a ceremony that was low-key and very intimate with only a few close friends, colleagues and family members invited. The reception was held at Brian’s 32-acre property. After the wedding ceremony, they celebrated their union at Kelley’s home in a barn.