What happens to letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole?

A letter simply addressed to “Santa, North Pole” will not go to the postmaster in Anchorage, Alaska. It will end up in a default area for mail without a complete address and then be sorted back into the Operation Santa program, where a postal worker or member of the public can respond.

Where can I get letters from Santa Claus?

5+ Places to Get a Personalized Letter From Santa

  • Free! USPS’ Letters From Santa Program.
  • Letters from Santa. Use online code DULLES50 for 50% off the total order (limited time, for the first 50 orders).
  • Package from Santa.
  • Santa Claus House.
  • Sealed by Santa.
  • Santa’s Official North Pole Mail.

What is Santa Claus’s North Pole address?

123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888
Santa Claus does have an address in the North Pole and, believe it or not, your letters will make it there in time for Christmas, no matter how late you send them—and you might even receive a gift in return. The direct mailing address for Santa reads as follows: 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888.

Can I get a letter from Santa?

Each letter from Santa comes with multiple personalizations, including the child’s name, a gift request, the town they’ll be in on Christmas Eve and more! Your children will get a custom envelope with their name, a personalized letter signed by Santa, fancy address label art and a Santa Village North Pole mark.

What does the Post Office do with all the letters to Santa?

The vast majority of letters for Santa Claus are addressed “Santa Claus, North Pole” or just simply “Santa” — these letters are processed just like all the other letters, but because they do not have a complete address, the Postal Service mail sorting equipment processes them into a default area.

How do you write a letter from Santa?

Writing Your Letter Write your address. Begin your letter with “Dear Santa”. Tell Santa who you are. Ask Santa how he’s doing. Tell Santa the good things you’ve done this year. Ask Santa nicely for the things on your list. Include a request for someone else, if you want. Finish up by thanking Santa. Sign your letter.

Where is Santa Claus in the North Pole?

The North American tradition states that the residence of Santa Claus is located at the North Pole within the jurisdiction of Canada. A city named the North Pole exists in Alaska, USA.

What is Santa Claus’ address at the North Pole?

The Santa Claus House, the “official” home of Santa Clause, is located at 101 St. Nicholas Drive in the town of North Pole, Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks .

What is Santa’s mailing address?

Santa’s Address. Santa Claus. 325 S. Santa Claus Lane. North Pole, Alaska 99705. Now that you have his address you can begin working on a great kid’s activity with your children. Since you have the “real” address for Santa your children can actually send their own Letter to Santa complete with address and stamp.