Who is Vijay sankeshwar?

Vijay Sankeshwar is an Indian businessman from Dharwad, Karnataka. He along with Anand Sankeshwar (managing director) is the chairman of India’s largest logistics firm VRL Group. He is also known for being the owner of the largest fleet of commercial vehicles in India. He left BJP and founded the Kannada Nadu Party.

Who is the owner of Vijaya Karnataka?

The Times Group
Vijaya Karnataka/Owner

Who is the founder of VRL?

Vijay Sankeshwar
VRL Group/Founders

How many vehicles does VRL own?

Our History From this humble beginning VRL has today grown into a nationally renowned logistics and transport company which is also currently the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India with a fleet of 4866 Vehicles (Including 291 Passenger Transport Vehicles & 4575 Goods Transport Vehicles amongst others).

What is the full form of VRL Travels?

VRL Group. VRL Logistics Limited (formerly Vijayanand Roadlines Ltd.), commonly known as the VRL Group, is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Hubballi, Karnataka, India with operations in around 23 states and 4 union territories in the country.

How many trucks are in VRL Logistics?

VRL operates about 5,000 vehicles, including tankers, cranes and buses, and has identified some 700 low capacity trucks for possible scrappage.

What does Vrl stand for?


Acronym Definition
VRL Vascular Research Laboratory (various schools)
VRL Virus Reference Laboratory (University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland)
VRL Vision Research Lab (University of California, Santa Barbara)
VRL Virtual Research Library

What Vrl means?

How many buses travel Vrl?

4077 buses
Q: How many buses VRL travels have? A: VRL Travels has more than 4077 buses in its fleet.

Does Volvo bus have gears?

The market for inter-city bus transport has changed in the last couple of years. “The bus with I-shift technology comes with 12 gears and alloy wheels, adding to driving convenience and fuel efficiency.

What is the cost of a Volvo bus?

Volvo Bus price list in India

All Volvo Bus Models Volvo Bus Price list 2020
Volvo 9400XL BUS 8,850,000 /- Read More
Volvo 8400 City Bus 7,184,000 /- Read More
Volvo B7R Bus 9,000,000 /- Read More
Volvo B9R Bus 11,500,000 /- Read More