How do I fix my iPhone when it says not enough storage?

If you still need more space than you have on your device, there are a few ways you can update:

  1. Plug your device into your computer to update using your computer.
  2. Delete content from your device and try to update again.
  3. Manage the storage on your device with recommendations.

Why does iCloud say not enough storage when there is?

You might see this message on your iOS device, “This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available.” But most people have more than 5GB of data on their phone or they have more than one iOS device that needs backing up. Hence, 5GB isn’t enough space.

How do I free up iCloud storage on my iPhone?

You can free up storage in iCloud by deleting content that you’re not using:

  1. Manage your iCloud Backup.
  2. Reduce the size of your iCloud Photos.
  3. Delete folders or files in iCloud Drive.
  4. Delete texts and attachments in Messages.
  5. Delete messages and manage Mail.
  6. Delete voice memos.

Why is my Storage still full after deleting?

If you’ve deleted all the files you don’t need and you’re still receiving the “insufficient storage available” error message, you need to clear out Android’s cache. (If you are running Android Marshmallow or later, go to Settings, Apps, select an app, tap Storage and then choose Clear Cache.)

What do I do when my iCloud storage is almost full?

How to free up space in iCloud

  1. Check your space. To see how much space you are using, enter Settings on your iPhone or iPad, select iCloud, click Storage, followed by Manage Storage.
  2. Delete old backups.
  3. Change backup settings.
  4. Alternative photo services.

Why is my storage full after deleting everything iPhone?

This may happen because of a bug or if you disable the ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ feature. To prevent this from happening, you will need to disable the iCloud feature on your iPhone. Go to the Settings on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID profile.

Why does my iPhone say not enough storage but there?

That isn’t the case, I only have iCloud Photos on one device enabled (my current iPhone) and according to iCloud I still have plenty of storage available on iCloud but my photos app doesn’t want to upload to iCloud because I wouldn’t have enough storage on my iPhone available (I still have 3GB free space)… Thanks for getting back to us.

What to do when iCloud says not enough storage but there is?

When iCloud says not enough storage but there is, please ensure if there is a problem with iCloud server. Check with your Apple server and get to know about any problem. If there is a problem with the iCloud server or iCloud server is under maintenance, the iCloud storage information will not be updated in time or updated correctly.

How to get rid of more storage on iPhone?

Delete content manually 1 On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > General > [device] Storage. 2 Select any app to see how much space it uses. 3 Tap Delete App. Some apps, such as Music and Videos, let you delete parts of their documents and data. 4 Install the update again. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. More

What happens if you don’t have enough space for an iOS update?

If you need more space for an iOS update. When you’re updating your iOS device wirelessly, you might see a message that there’s not enough space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. These steps can help. If there isn’t enough space to download and install an update, iOS temporarily removes some downloadable parts of installed apps.