How do you calibrate a DVC6200?

Steps to Calibrate a DVC6200 Controller

  1. Hook up a HART® communicator to the DVC6200 in parallel with a 4-20 mA loop across the “loop” terminals.
  2. Apply a 4 mA signal to the DVC and power up the HART communicator.
  3. First, put the instrument in “not in service” mode.
  4. Choose “not in service” and press enter.

How does a digital valve controller work?

In a typical digital valve controller, the control signal is read by the microprocessor, processed by a digital algorithm, and converted into a drive current signal to the I/P converter. The microprocessor performs the position control algorithm rather than a mechanical beam, cam, and flapper assembly.

What is a DVC positioner?

Pneumatic Positioners force a valve to a specific position proportional to an air signal which has a pre-determined pneumatic range (0-30 psi for example). More simply put, a DVC adjusts the 4-20 mA input to a proportional signal (like a controller) and verifies travel (like a positioner).

How does a digital positioner work?

When there is no positioner, the control signal goes directly to the actuator. When a positioner is installed, it intercepts this signal and then outputs a different signal to the actuator. Positioners allow tighter control over the process variable by increasing the speed and accuracy of the actuator response.

What is a positioner?

: one that positions especially : a mechanical device for placing or holding a body in position during an operation (as welding or drilling)

What are the specs of a dvc6200 valve controller?

DVC6200 (HW1) Digital Valve Controller January 2018 2 Specifications This product was intended for a specific range of service conditions‐‐pressure, pressure drop, process and ambient temperature, temperature variations, process fluid, and possibly other specifications.

What should I do with my Fisher fieldvue dvc6000?

Vent the pneumatic actuator loading pressure and relieve any actuator spring precompression so the actuator is not applying force to the valve stem; this will allow for the safe removal of the stem connector. Use lock‐out procedures to be sure that the above measures stay in effect while you work on the equipment.

Why is the dvc6200 a HART Communication Device?

The DVC6200 is a HART communicating device, so information can be accessed anywhere along the loop. This flexibility can reduce exposure to hazardous environments and make it easier to evaluate valves in hard to reach locations. The modular design allows critical working components to be replaced without removing field wiring or pneumatic tubing.