How long is a VE Sportwagon?

Holden Commodore IV (VE) SV6 Sportwagon Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Wheelbase : 291.5 cm or 114.76 inches
Length : 489.7 cm or 192.8 inches
Width : 189.9 cm or 74.76 inches
Height : 147 cm or 57.87 inches

What is the best VE Commodore?

Farewell to a legend: ranking the 10 greatest Holden Commodores of all time

  • Golden Child: 2001–2002 ‘HRT 045’ Mark Skaife Holden VX Commodore V8 Supercar.
  • Wild side: 1980 Holden VC HDT Commodore.
  • Ultimate sleeper: 1984 Holden VK Commodore / 1986 VL Commodore ‘BT1’ Interceptor.
  • Export quality: 2001–2006 Holden Monaro.

What does SS Holden mean?

Super Sport
The SS (Super Sport) name for the Holden Commodore rebadged as a Chevrolet has been condemned by a Hebrew newspaper as having a Nazi reference — and threatened with being banned from entry.

What is the rarest Commodore?

VZ ONE TONNER CROSS6 AWD The rarest of the rare? The One Tonner Cross6. Of the 261,238 VZ Commodore-based vehicles built, a mere 50 exited the factory as cab-chassis, all-wheel-drive, go-anywhere work rigs.

What kind of engine does Holden Sportwagon have?

2009 Holden Sportwagon International 3.0L SIDI V6 (aut. 6) (VE) Market Competition Holden Sportwagon Omega 3.0L SIDI V6 (aut. 6) (VE), manufactured or sold in 2009, version for Australia (since mid-year 2009) 2009 Holden Sportwagon Omega 3.0L SIDI V6 (aut.

What are the specs of a Holden Commodore VE?

6) (VE) specs 1 Holden Commodore SS (man. 2 manufactured by Holden in Australia 3 4-door sedan body type 4 RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 6-speed gearbox 5 gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 5967 cm3 / 363.9 cui, advertised power: 270 kW / 362 hp / 367 PS ( ECE ), torque: 530 Nm / 391 lb-ft, more

Is the Holden SS V series special edition?

Chevrolet contributes their Super Sport logo along with Cadillac’s V-Series lineup of sports cars so that Holden can come out with the SS V-Series Special Edition Commodore, Sportwagon and Ute models a little later on this year. The new limited edition vehicles will offer around $7,500 worth of Holden factory options at a considerable savings.

When did the Holden Sportwagon commodore come out?

The Sportwagon itself was subsequently introduced in July 2008 with the standard Commodore wheelbase instead of the extended wheelbase of previous Commodore wagons. Updates to the VE have come in the form of model year (MY) changes from early 2007 onwards.