Where can I ice fish on Strawberry Reservoir?

Fish the bays and coves. Areas where the water is 15-20 feet deep seem to be most productive. Many fish are suspended 5-10 feet off the bottom. A fish finder can really help you determine where the fish are, and help you get your bait down to that exact depth.

Is there still ice on Strawberry Reservoir in Utah?

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR – The ice has started to melt along the shorelines at Strawberry Reservoir. “The Soldier Creek side of the reservoir is mostly open water, and boats can actually be launched from the Soldier Creek boat ramp,” Root says. “Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of ice on the main body of Strawberry.

Is the ice off Strawberry Reservoir 2021?

April 19, 2021: Ice is now coming off Strawberry right now. There is fishable open water in front of the ladders and some on the Soldier Creek side. The amount should increase every day now. Ice will probably be gone within a week or so.

Where is the best shore fishing at Strawberry Reservoir?

Indian Creek Bay is Shane’s choice if he is after large fish. If he wants to catch a bunch of fish he’ll work the Soldier Creek side, particularly the area near the mouth of the Narrows. As the heat of summer sets in the fish will move deeper.

How thick is the ice at Strawberry Reservoir 2020?

18” thick
The ice is currently 18” thick, with no snow on top.

What is the biggest fish caught in Strawberry Reservoir?

rainbow trout
Sherm Holdaway of Orem caught an 18 -pound, 2-ounce rainbow trout through the ice at Strawberry in April. That fish is believed to be the largest taken out of Strawberry since the reservoir was emptied and restocked almost 15 years ago.

How thick is the ice at Strawberry reservoir?

What is the current water temperature at Strawberry reservoir?

Water Temp: ~70 degrees.

Does Strawberry Reservoir have a beach?

Strawberry Reservoir offers excellent boating, water skiing and canoeing. Anglers fish for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and Kokanee salmon. The campground provides great beach access.

What is the current water temperature at Strawberry Reservoir?

Are Tiger trout native to Utah?

They were planted in several fisheries such as Scofield Reservoir and Joe’s Valley Reservoir in the hope that they would subdue the overpopulating chub. Tiger Trout do not naturally occur in Utah as there are few waters the provide productive habitat for both Brown Trout and Brook Trout.

What to do at Strawberry Reservoir in Utah?

The Strawberry area receives heavy snowfall during winter, and there’s plenty of snowmobiling trails in the area. It’s common for anglers use snowmobiles to access their favorite ice fishing spot on the reservoir. Please select at least one item below.

What kind of fish are in Strawberry Reservoir?

Walleye fishing anglers report extremely slow fishing this week. The surface water temperatures are now 63-70Fdepending on locat Scofield is a great spot to fish for cutthroat, rainbow, and tiger trout. Try using lures – try using Berkley swim shads.

Where is the best place to ice fish in Utah?

The scenery, award-winning cutthroat and rainbow trout and kokanee salmon all make Strawberry Reservoir one of the favorite ice-fishing locations in Utah. The marina plows the seven miles of road from I-40 to the lodge as a service to anglers and also offers a snowmobile shuttle service (drop-off and pick-up) and onsite rental equipment.

Which is the best trout fishery in Utah?

Strawberry Reservoir is Utah’s best and people’s choice trout fishery. Why? It might have something to do with consistently good action for large rainbow & cutthroat trout and kokanee salmon; rainbows and cutts up to 24 inches are caught regularly; and larger fish show up occasionally.