What exactly is behavioral health?

Behavioral health describes the connection between the health and well-being of the body and the mind. This can include a variety of areas – everything from eating habits to drinking habits to exercise and various mental health challenges.

What are examples of behavioral health?

Behavioral health is the way your habits impact your mental and physical wellbeing. That includes factors like eating and drinking habits, exercise, and addictive behavior patterns. Substance abuse, eating disorders, gambling and sex addiction are all examples of behavioral health disorders.

What specialty is behavioral health?

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Clinics, Psychiatric Hospitals and mental health and substance abuse professionals including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, and Social Workers. Facilities specializing in mental health and substance abuse.

What categories fall under behavioral health?

As a discipline, behavioral health refers to mental health, psychiatric, marriage and family counseling and addictions treatment, and it includes services provided by social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, neurologists and physicians, the National Business Group on Health says.

Is anxiety a behavioral disorder?

According to BehaviorDisorder.org, behavioral disorders may be broken down into a few types, which include: Anxiety disorders. Disruptive behavioral disorders. Dissociative disorders.

Is mental health a specialty?

A mental health specialty is “a particular subject area” in which a provider practices. The specialty influences the education and training you receive, the kind of patients you see, the theories guiding your therapeutic approach, and the methods you use to assess, diagnose, and treat mental illnesses.

Are therapists primary care or specialists?

Doctors of Psychology are the de facto primary care psychological providers even though this has never been completely acknowledged by physicians, emergency rooms, and insurers. Outside of medical training programs, psychologists have primarily practiced in isolation and separate from medical care settings.

What kind of services does behavioral health provide?

Services we provide include: Assessment Services – These services are the first step in determining the existence of a mental health or substance abuse disorder. Treatment recommendations are made after a comprehensive assessment of psychiatric, physical, addictive and mental health issues.

How to contact southwest general behavioral health services?

Contact Southwest General at 440-816-6944 to learn more about our behavioral health programs and services or to make an appointment.

What does Lancaster General Health do for Behavioral Health?

Lancaster General Health offers a broad array of behavioral health services with an aim to provide the right care at the right place at the right time.

Where are the behavioral health services in Maine?

They provide comprehensive services for adults through a network of inpatient, outpatient and community-based programs. The Edmund N. Ervin Pediatric Center provides a variety of services for children. Services also are linked to other mental health providers and support services in Kennebec and Somerset counties.