How big is the GM TH350 automatic transmission?

The 350 transmission is 21-3/4″ long and its one-piece case is cast of aluminum alloy. It features an integral bellhousing. The TH350 weighs 120 lbs. It has a distinctive oil pan that is chamfered at the passenger side, rear corner. At the right rear of the case is the modulator.

What kind of bearing do you use for a bellhousing?

In most cases, this is a porous bronze, pre-lubed bushing rather than an actual bearing, as it is often called. A few applications still use an actual bearing and others use a needle roller type bearing, but by far, the most common type is bronze.

Is there a connection between Lakewood and quick time bellhousings?

It doesn’t matter what type of engine or transmission you have – between Lakewood and Quick Time Bellhousings we can offer a solution for your application! Through Quick Time we have the capability to make even one-of-a-kind combinations possible!

What kind of engine does a Buick TH350 have?

Another version, the Buick / Oldsmobile / Pontiac (BOP) TH350 will be compatible with the Buick 90 degree V6 & V8 engines, and the Olds & Pontiac 90 degree V8. This “BOP” version features a “valley” at the twelve o’clock position of the block flange where the peak would be on the Chevy (pictured) version.

Can a GM Turbo 350 transmission be rebuilt?

If your Turbo 350 came from behind a lighter duty motor, don’t worry. These transmission can be affordably rebuilt with stronger components in nearly every area. Additionally, shift improver kits are available to provide firmer, quicker shifts, reducing slippage, heat and clutch wear.

When did the GM TH350 lock up converter come out?

At the right rear of the case is the modulator. The TH350-C was the lockup torque converter version introduced in the late 1979 model year, and was produced through 1984. This later version had an electronic lock-up converter to increase fuel-efficiency at cruising speeds.