What was the real name of Zippy the Pinhead?

(Coincidentally, the real name of the latter was William Henry Johnson, or Jackson according to some sources, and Griffith’s full name is William Henry Jackson Griffith, after his great-grandfather, the noted photographer.) Griffith has never committed himself to a set origin story for Zippy; no fewer than five have appeared:

What makes Zippy the Pinhead a non sequitur?

His seeming “non sequitur” style is really more of a rearranging of subjects, objects and emotions, flowing like poetry. Zippy thrives on an additive-rich, high MSG diet and a hefty dose of celebrity-spotting. He’s fueled by Ding Dongs and taco sauce.

Where is the grave of ZIP the Pinhead?

It is estimated that during his 67 years in show business, Zip entertained more than one hundred million people. Zip the Pinhead was buried in Plot 399 of the Bound Brook Cemetery on April 28, 1926. A small gravestone bearing the inscription “William H. Johnson, 1857–1926” marks his resting place.

What kind of Shoes does Zippy the Pinhead wear?

Zippy’s most famous quotation, “Are we having fun yet?”, appears in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations and became a catchphrase. He almost always wears a yellow muumuu / clown suit with large red polka dots, and puffy, white clown shoes. (Other forms of attire may be seen when appropriate to the context, e.g. a toga .)

What did ZIP the Pinhead do for a living?

This act was tremendously successful for Barnum, and Zip was as big an attraction to Barnum’s American Museum as the famous Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker. In later years, Zip became more “civilized” in his act.

What kind of condition is ZIP the Pinhead?

ZIP THE PINHEAD – What is it? A pinhead is a person born with a condition known as microcephaly. It is a neurological disorder and is characterized by a smaller than average head.

How did ZIP the Pinhead save his money?

His manager through much of his career, Captain O. K. White, helped him save money and Zip died a wealthy man. He owned several houses –one bought and paid for as a gift from Barnum. He left his fortune to his beloved sister and died a famous icon that continues to live on.

Where can I buy Zippy the pinhead books?

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When did the condiments song Come Out in Zippy the Pinhead?

“The Condiments Song” from “Zippy the Pinhead: The Musical” (Private Sector/Baltimore, Nov. 2010). SEE Roadside Tipster Mike Dickau’s photos (and the Zippy strips they inspired).

What kind of food does Zippy the Pinhead eat?

Zippy’s favorite foods are taco sauce and Ding Dongs. He sometimes snacks on Polysorbate 80. Zippy’s unpredictable behavior sometimes causes severe difficulty for others, but never for himself.

What was the name of Zippy’s twin brother?

Zippy’s angst-ridden twin brother Lippy also frequently appears. He is portrayed as Zippy’s total opposite, often dressed in a conservative suit, thinking sequentially, and avoiding his brother’s penchant for non-sequiturs.

When did ZIP the Pinhead stop performing at Coney Island?

In his later years, Zip eschewed traveling in favor of performing at Coney Island. One Sunday afternoon in 1925, Zip heard a little girl cry for help. He noticed the girl waving her arms in the ocean and swam out to rescue her.