Does Lufthansa fly the 787?

Lufthansa operates a mainline fleet consisting of Airbus narrow and widebody and Boeing widebody aircraft. There are also orders for new Airbus A350s, as well as two new Boeing widebody aircraft types: the Boeing 777X and Boeing 787-9. The 777X will replace the Boeing 747-400.

Is Boeing 777 or 787 better?

While it lacks the high passenger capacity of the 777 and offers a lower range than the 777-3000ER, the 787 brings improved fuel efficiency and a more modern cabin. Importantly for airlines, it also costs about $50 million less than the 777 (for the new 787-10 vs. 777-300ER).

Does Delta have 787?

Canceling the 787 order in 2016 It was announced in December 2016. The cancellation terms were not released, but Delta stuck with its order for 120 narrowbody 737-900 aircraft. This business decision is consistent with Delta’s fleet strategy to prudently address our widebody aircraft needs.”

What is the biggest commercial plane in the world?

Airbus A380
The Airbus A380, which made its first test flight on April 27, 2005, is the largest passenger airliner in the world.

How much does a Boeing 777X cost?

According to list prices, the 777X goes for up to $442.2 million a unit, although airlines almost always get discounts.

Is Boeing 777 or 787 bigger?

The Boeing 777 series is generally larger than the 787 and thus can carry more passengers. The 787-10 has a higher capacity than the smaller 777-200 series. However, it falls short of the larger 777-300 models by 66 passengers in a typical two-class configuration.

When do the new 787s come out for Lufthansa?

Business class on Lufthansa’s upcoming 787s On Monday it was announced that Lufthansa ordered an additional five Boeing 787-9s and five Airbus A350-900s (on top of the existing order). Perhaps most exciting is that Lufthansa will take delivery of all five of those Boeing 787-9s in 2021 and early 2022.

How big is the Lufthansa Boeing 747-800?

Overview This 747-800 is the newest aircraft type in the long-haul fleet for Lufthansa. Lufthansa is the launch airline for the 747-800 which is 5.6 meters longer than its predecessor, making it the longest passenger aircraft in the world. This aircraft accommodates 364 passengers in a four class configuration.

When does Lufthansa new business class come out?

This new business class product was supposed to debut on the Boeing 777-9, but those have been delayed until late 2023 at the earliest More recently Lufthansa revealed it would debut its new business class in 2022, suggesting that this would be on either the 787 or A350 (given the timing) Lufthansa’s new business class for the Boeing 777-9

Where are the 45 seats on Lufthansa 797 Hong Kong?

Lufthansa 797 Hong Kong > Frankfurt 46 H + 46 J Foot area for these seats have media equipment. So under the “45” seats there is media equipment. As other have said: Row 21, seats A, C, H, K can be really annoying if there is a line in front of the wash room.