Are you having fun yet Party Down?

For those uninitiated, Party Down was a critically-acclaimed, cult-beloved sitcom that ran on Stars from 2009 to 2010 that gifted the world with the above catchphrase, “Are we having fun yet?” The series featured a stellar, all-star comedic cast including Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino.

Are we having fun yet show?

What does having fun mean?

to have fun: to enjoy oneself, to amuse oneself, to have a good time. idiom. I had fun at the party. I really enjoyed it, it was great! the fun: the pleasure, the amusement, the entertainment.

Who is the creator of Zippy the Pinhead?

SEE a 1980 video of Zippy and Bill Griffith in the flesh. (Type in “Bill Griffith” in “Search This Blog” on new page. It’s #14). ZIPPY BOOK “WELCOME TO DINGBURG”, with fold-out “main street” cover and aerial map of the “City inhabited entirely by Pinheads”. READ an INTERVIEW with Zippy’s creator on the Comic Book Resources website.

What kind of condition is ZIP the Pinhead?

ZIP THE PINHEAD – What is it? A pinhead is a person born with a condition known as microcephaly. It is a neurological disorder and is characterized by a smaller than average head.

Where is the grave of ZIP the Pinhead?

It is estimated that during his 67 years in show business, Zip entertained more than one hundred million people. Zip the Pinhead was buried in Plot 399 of the Bound Brook Cemetery on April 28, 1926. A small gravestone bearing the inscription “William H. Johnson, 1857–1926” marks his resting place.

Who are the Friends of ZIP the Pinhead?

In later years, Zip became more “civilized” in his act. He shared the stage with other anomalies, including his friends “Texas Giant” Jim Tarver, “Tallest Man in the World” Jack Earle and Koo-Koo the Bird Girl. He traveled extensively with the Ringling Brothers circus .