How far is Starkey Ranch from the beach?

Just 25 minutes north of Tampa International Airport, 20 minutes east of the Gulf beaches, and an easy commute to Westshore, USF, downtown Tampa and MacDill AFB. This is the place to really live it up.

How large is Starkey Ranch?

2,400 acres
More than 2,400 acres of community and 18,000 acres of nature next door. Starkey Ranch is a beautiful piece of Old Florida, thanks to generations of stewardship by the Starkey family and the foresight to keep the majority of the former ranch forever wild as the Jay B.

How old is Starkey Ranch?

In 1922, the young Jay Starkey resigned his Post Office job. to pursue his dream of being a cattle rancher. He bought 10 acres south of Largo in Pinellas County for $50 down plus one horse and one cow. In 1927 his friend Dave Cunningham became his partner and over time the two men grew the ranch to more than 650 acres.

How many houses are in Starkey Ranch?

Starkey Ranch Overview The community is located on 2,400 acres of land with a variety of lakes, ponds, wetlands, and parks. It is just 8 miles south of the beautiful Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Center. Total built out will be 3400 residencies, including 2700 single family homes and 700 apartments and townhouses.

Is Starkey Ranch a good place to live?

For 2019, Starkey Ranch ranked #29 on the Burns national list and #1 top seller in Tampa Bay and #30 in the RCLCO ranking, up three spots from 2018 (sales up by 12%). Bragging rights are fun, but it’s no surprise to our residents that Starkey Ranch is again #1 in Tampa Bay.

Does Starkey Ranch have CDD fees?

Note: The Tax Collector has collected CDD fees for this community since 2016-2017.

Who owns Starkey Ranch?

Starkey Wilderness Park _ It is owned by the Southwest Regional Water Management District and managed by Pasco County as a park. The Starkey family sold some of the land to the state and donated the rest. 3).

How far is Odessa FL from the ocean?

There are 21.54 miles from Odessa to Clearwater Beach in southwest direction and 36 miles (57.94 kilometers) by car, following the FL 60 W route. Odessa and Clearwater Beach are 45 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Are CDD fees Annual?

Because the CDD fee is part of the property tax it will be included in your mortgage amount, if financing your property. The CDD is determined by dividing the total number among the home owners. The CDD are usually for 15-30 year term. Most CDD fees range from $120-$2000 per year.

Is Odessa Florida a good place to live?

Odessa is in Pasco County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Odessa offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families live in Odessa and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Odessa are highly rated.

Can I write off my CDD fees?

Payments for CDD fees ARE tax deductible, like your property taxes. The CDD is not a property tax nor should it be confused with Homeowners Association Fees. CDD fees are paid in addition to property tax and may be bundled into the annual tax statement.

Does a CDD ever go away?

DOES THE CDD EVER GO AWAY ? As many believe, the District does not cease to exist or go away when its bonds have paid off. The District may continue to exist for perpetuity.

Where is Starkey ranch in Odessa, FL?

Starkey Ranch features unique single family homes in an amazing location in Odessa, with top-of-the-line home designs, and a community lifestyle that embraces nature like no other community around. Check out our different home series options and find the perfect home for you today! Sq. Footage

Is there a school in Starkey ranch fl?

There are plans for a K-8 school to be built within the community; however, Starkey Ranch is currently zoned for Odessa Elementary, River Ridge Middle, River Ridge High. Why would you want to live anywhere else?

How big is the Starkey Ranch Village home?

Our Village Homes feature unique plans ranging from 2,600 to 4,200 sq. ft. featuring customizable interiors, spacious 65′ homesites, energy efficiency, and low fees. This is our first M/I home. When we moved to Tampa, we knew we had certain things we were looking for in the home we plan to retire in.

How big is Jay B Starkey Wilderness Park?

This regional park covers over 8,300 acres of land and is a cooperative venture between the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Pasco County Parks and Recreation.