Can you put bathroom cladding over tiles?

Can you put bathroom wall panels over tiles? Yes, you can install wall panels over your existing tiles. While tiles are waterproof, panels are completely water-resistant owing to their PVC finish or laminate coating. This also protects your walls from a build-up of condensation, which can lead to mould and fungus.

Is bathroom cladding easy to install?

Fitting your cladding is so much easier than tiling. There’s no grouting or heavy duty ceramic cutting tools required. In fact, it’s even easier than wallpapering.

Do bathroom wall panels look cheap?

The cheapest models might not be the most impressive, but they offer a decent look on a budget. They are mass produced allowing for the costs to be kept low, giving them a slight advantage over bespoke wall panels if you’re on a budget.

How do you fix a broken cladding?

Filling Small Holes In Cladding If the hole or damage is small and unobtrusive then the quickest fix is to simply fill the hole. If it is in a wet area (above a bath or in a shower) the you need to use silicone sealant. In other areas you can use any type of filler.

What do you stick bathroom cladding with?

Silicone can be used to apply cladding panels directly onto plaster/tiles etc. Can also be used to seal corners instead of trims. One tube should create a bead of silicone 12 metres long (5mm x 5mm). Silicone should also be used between panel joints around shower areas.

Is bathroom cladding waterproof?

Bathroom cladding is a waterproof bathroom wall panel covering which is becoming more popular as a modern, easy to clean, more durable waterproof alternative to tiles.

What is the best material for shower surround?

We recommend acrylic as the best shower wall material. Acrylic is the best system to use for shower walls because it is the safest, least high maintenance, and easy to install, meaning your shower could be done in as little as one day.

What kind of flooring does Birtley bathroom have?

Our newly extended and refurbished Birtley showroom showcases a wide range of finishes and looks from tile, stone, wood, brick, marble, mosaic, sparkle and mineral bathroom wall panels and shower panels.

Where can I get the best bathroom cladding?

Come and get everything you need to clad your bathroom, shower, ceiling or kitchen. Panels are 100% waterproof, class 1 fire rated and include a guarantees. We can help you save money on a wide range of high quality bathrooms, showers and flooring in the latest styles by buying directly with us.

Where is the claddingstore outlet warehouse in Newcastle?

The outlet warehouse is based on the Earlsway Trade Park, Team Valley, Gateshead/Newcastle to cover the North East region for bathroom cladding. The trade park was built in 2015 so some car sat nav’s may struggle to locate the warehouse.

Why are PVC panels used in bathroom cladding?

The PVC panels used in bathroom interior wall and ceiling cladding are normally fire rated to ensure that they are self-extinguishable. This fire retardant property makes the PVC panels a safer alternative to traditional materials.