How much do freelance voice-over work?

Non-Broadcast Jobs

Finished Minutes Word Count Suggested Budget
0 – 2 minutes 300 or less 0 – 2 minutes $100 – $249
2 – 5 minutes 300 – 750 2 – 5 minutes $250 – $499
5 – 15 minutes 750 – 2250 5 – 15 minutes $500 – $749
15 – 30 minutes 2250 – 4500 15 – 30 minutes $750 – $999

How do I audition for voice-over work?

Here are some helpful tips to help voice-over actors prepare for an audition:

  1. Do vocal warmups.
  2. Take note of the casting breakdown.
  3. Study the text.
  4. Use your acting skills.
  5. Mind your pronunciation.
  6. Use quality equipment.
  7. Do your slate.
  8. Record additional takes.

How do you get a cartoon voice job?

Another important way to get experience with cartoon voice over jobs is to search casting call boards. There are numerous casting call boards online and many are free. Others charge a membership fee. When you find a job posting that interests you, submit your voice over demo to the casting director in the posting.

Where can I find voice-over work?

Top 5 Websites to Find Voice Over Jobs

  • Voices. is one of the largest websites to host many different voice over samples for clients to choose from.
  • Voices123. Similar to, Voices123 provides similar services where clients upload jobs to the website for voice actors to audition for them.
  • Bodalgo.
  • Fiverr.

Can you be a voice actor from home?

The voice-over industry is incredibly competitive, but there are many benefits for those lucky enough to find consistent voice-acting work: Work from home. You can record many voice-over jobs in a home studio, giving you the freedom to work from home and avoid commuting and parking fees. Make your own hours.

What can you do with a voice over job?

What Are Voice Over Jobs? Voice work, or “voice acting” as it’s sometimes referred to, is pretty self-explanatory. Most of the time, it’s when you hear someone’s voice narrating a commercial, audio book, movie or television program, video game, or even a live event. In a nutshell, you’re paid to lend your voice to a project in need of a voice.

Is there a demand for voice over work?

There has been a surge in demand for talented voice actors who can complete voice over jobs remotely. While the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on in-studio recording sessions and forced movie shoots to shut down, the voice acting community was largely prepared to weather the storm and continue doing voice over work online.

How much do you make doing voice over?

In a nutshell, you’re paid to lend your voice to a project in need of a voice. While this is often done outside the home, it’s not that hard to find voice over work that you can do from home. What Do Voice Over Jobs Pay? According to, the average range for voice over talent is about $39.87 hourly.

Are there any non-English voice over jobs?

According to trends and stats, the demand for Non-English voice over grew by 60%, while the number of job postings calling for English only grew by 43%. Moreover, the number of postings for female voices is growing faster (24%) than the rate of new jobs posted for males (16%).