Are New Zealand and Australia the same?

Australia consists of a large mainland and the island of Tasmania to the south. The main physical area of New Zealand, on the other hand, consists of two main islands separated from Australia’s southeastern region by the Tasman Sea.

Which flag is similar to Australia?

New Zealand flag
The national flag most similar to and likely to be confused with that of Australia is the New Zealand flag, introduced for restricted use in 1869 and adopted as the New Zealand national flag in 1902.

Why Australia and New Zealand have UK flag?

It represents the link between Australia/New Zealand and UK. Both Australia and New Zealand, like India, were a part of British colonies. They are now a part of British Commonwealth Nation, and presence of Union Jack symbolizes that connection. So these countries display Union Jack in their flag.

Why is NZ better than Australia?

here are 17 reasons why New Zealand is better than Australia. Australia has four seasons: hot, really hot, so hot you’re worried you might melt into the pavement, and not quite as hot. Compared to those extreme conditions, New Zealand’s seasons are positively normal.

Why are there 7 stars on the Australian flag?

Below the Union Jack is a white Commonwealth, or Federation, star. It has seven points representing the unity of the six states and the territories of the Commonwealth of Australia. The star is also featured on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

Why does New Zealand not like Australia?

In a similar vein, NZ dislike Australia. It comes from being a colony that has stayed dependent on/in the shadow of another for too long. We, and in the case you raise, NZ, has seen itself as our little cousin for so long, it becomes a special rivalry – sometimes seen as something of an inferiority complex.

Are houses cheaper in Australia than NZ?

That means Australia’s average property price is around $180,000 AUD more than New Zealand’s. Note that Australia’s number is driven up by Sydney and Melbourne, both of which have an average price close to $1million.