What are DTS controls on a boat?

Mercury Marine’s DTS (Digital Throttle and Shift) takes the performance of your boat to the highest level and makes putting the motor into gear a lot smoother and less clunky. Anyone spending a whole day on the water can testify the feel, control and leverage of a well-designed throttle makes everything easier.

How do you adjust a boat throttle?

Throttle Adjustment

  1. Loosen the throttle cable adjuster jam-nut with the wrenches. Extend or contract the adjuster until the cable moves the throttle to the idle position.
  2. Push the control lever forward to the “Forward idle” position.
  3. Pull the control lever back, through neutral, into the reverse idle position.

What is the throttle lever on a boat called?

Most boats use cables to transmit the boat driver’s control inputs (throttle position, shifter position) to the engine and gearcase (outboard and stern drive boats) or transmission (inboard boats). Side-mount controls, as the name implies, are typically located on the starboard (right) side of the boat.

What are binnacle controls?

The next most popular control box is what is called a Binnacle Control Box. These are a little more fancier and are mounted on the top of the boats console. The throttle and shift is also controlled by a single lever and have the tilt and trim button near your thumb.

What does transfer mean on a boat throttle?

Transfer Button allows control to be easily transferred from one helm to another. Neutral Indicator Light shows when the engine is not in gear.

What do you call the shifter on a boat?

For the most part your typical recreational boat will have what is called a Dual-Function Control Box. This means that both the shifting and throttle control is all operated by one lever. Pushing the lever forward past neutral shifts the motor into gear and the farther you push increases your speed.

What does a shift cable do on a boat?

With the jacket stationary, movement of the shift lever causes the cable core to move smoothly. If, however, the jacket is not secure, it will move with the core, preventing the latter from telegraphing movement to the engine.

Where to buy boat engine controls and accessories?

Check out Great Lakes Skipper’s huge inventory of new and replacement marine boat parts and accessories for discount pricing on top-quality boat engine controls and marine engine control accessories.

What kind of throttle controls do wholesale marine use?

There are several kinds of boat throttle controls, and Wholesale Marine carries them: single- and dual-function controls, throttle controls for boats that require multiple installations. Remember, the right boat throttle control will deliver maximum performance.

What kind of control cable do I need for my Boat?

In most cases, SeaStar Solutions offers three performance grades, called Standard, Midrange and Premium. For maximum performance, we recommend our Premium extreme cables. Once the part number of the replacement control cable is known, measure the one you have now if at all possible.

What kind of motor does a outboard boat use?

Cruise fuel economy is the number one concern with customers, said Corey Bruno at Mercury Marine. Bruno was the program manager behind the new V-6 four-stroke outboards, a family of naturally aspirated motors built on Mercury’s 3.4-liter platform.