Who is the ex wife of James Rodriguez?

Daniela Ospina is a Spain based volleyball player. She is better known as the Ex-wife of James Rodríguez. He is a Colombian attacking midfielder and winger who won the Golden Boot Award at the 2014 World Cup after tallying 6 goals in the tournament.

Why did James Rodriguez and Daniela Ospina divorce?

Daniela Ospina, sister of Arsenal keeper David Ospina, was married to Rodriguez for six years, but the pair are now going through a divorce because she didn’t want to move with him to Germany, on top of reports over an affair with model Helga Lovekaty.

Why did James Rodriguez go to Bayern Munich?

“James Rodriguez had decided to go to Bayern Munich to give a twist to his career. “It was obviously difficult and sad, but thanks to God we have managed it with a lot of maturity and calmness. “We only want to protect our child because when we decided to have her, we knew it was a lifelong responsibility.

That cannot be.” Now, after these quotes made waves in Colombia and across the world, James Rodriguez ex-wife, Daniela Ospina, has come to the defense of Madrid midfielder and refuted those claims after being asked by Carcacol — another Colombia outlet — whether the doctor’s words had any credence: “It’s a total lack of respect.

Who are the parents of James Rodriguez children?

Birth Place: Cúcuta, Colombia. Occupation: Professional Footballer. Father Name: Wilson James Rodriguez Bedolla. Mother Name: Maria Del Pilar Rubio. Spouse: Daniela Ospina (m. 2011) Children: Salome Rodriguez. Click for James Rodriguez Favorite Things Details.

How did James Rodriguez get Cristiano Ronaldo?

The St Petersburg stunner, 25, has over 3.5million Instagram followers after kicking-off her social media modelling game in June 2013. Her gorgeous snaps got her spotted by modelling agency Mavrin Models – but also appears to have caught the attention of Colombian star Rodriguez.

Who is the girl that Cristiano Ronaldo set up with?

Cristiano Ronaldo sets James Rodriguez up with stunning model Helga Lovekaty. Real Madrid star introduced the pair to each other, as the now-Bayern Munich midfielder gets close to the Russian beauty.