Who are the members of the Luxembourg royal family?

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Who is the head of State in Luxembourg?

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg is the monarchical head of state of Luxembourg. Luxembourg has been a grand duchy since 15 March 1815, when it was created from territory of the former Duchy of Luxembourg. It was in personal union with the United Kingdom of the Netherlands until 1890 under the House of Orange-Nassau.

Who is the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg now?

On 19 April 2007, the Grand Duchess was appointed UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children, in which role she has visited Brazil (2007), China (2008), and Burundi (2009). She is a member of the Honorary Board of the International Paralympic Committee. She is also the president of Luxembourg Red Cross and the Cancer Foundation.

Who is the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg?

For more information about the Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, past and present, see Unofficial Royalty: Luxembourg Index. Unless otherwise noted, all photos below are from Wikipedia. University of Geneva in Switzerland, received a degree in political sciences in 1980

Who is the Grand Duke of Luxembourg married to?

Congratulations are in order for Luxembourg’s royal family! Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg’s nephew, Prince Constantin of Nassau, has married his fiancée Kathryn Mechie in a civil ceremony in Gibraltar. The private nuptials took place on Tuesday 22 December with the couple’s two-year-old son Felix present.

Where was the wedding of the Luxembourg Royals?

Photos published on Couture and Royals’ Twitter account show the bride and groom posing with their son following the civil ceremony, and the couple signing the registry. Prince Constantin de Nassau married Kathryn Mechie in a civil ceremony in Gibraltar. The couple has a son, Félix.

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Who is Prince Louis of Luxembourg married to?

Prince Louis of Luxembourg, a member of a European royal family, separated from Princess Tessy, is embroiled in a fight over money with his estranged wife in Family Division of the High Court Luxembourg Louis of Luxembourg kissing his wife Tessy in Luxembourg on September 29, 2006. (Photo by Alain BENAINOUS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

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Who is the heir apparent to the Luxembourg monarchy?

An heir apparent may be granted the style ‘Hereditary Grand Duke’. The current heir apparent is Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. In June 2011, agnatic primogeniture was dropped in favour of absolute primogeniture, allowing any legitimate female descendants within the House of Nassau to be included in the line of succession.