Is pitsford still open?

Pitsford Water is open every day except Christmas Day.

How long does it take to walk around Brixworth Country Park?

Walkers and cyclists can enjoy a 7.5 mile (12km) circuit of Pitsford Water. Allow 2–4 hours walking and 1–2 hours cycling (depending on ability).

Are toilets open at Brixworth Country Park?

Brixworth Country Park is open all day, every day with free admission. However, the car park, cafe and toilets have separate opening times.

What tier is pitsford?

Further to the government announcement regarding more of our region moving into tier 4 restrictions from Boxing Day we can confirm that our parks will be remaining open for access to the tracks and fishing. Please note all of the Anglian Water parks will be CLOSED on Christmas Day.

Can you swim in pitsford water?

“Swimming in our reservoirs is illegal, unless it is in a properly designated and supervised area. “Reservoirs are there as storage so we can supply customers with drinking water. “Knowing how to stay safe in and around water is vital at any time of year.”

Are there toilets at Pitsford Reservoir?

There are only toilets in one car park, the main car park where the cafe is. The other two car parks have no toilets or facilities.

Can you pay by card at Sywell Country Park?

Apologies, we currently have no credit card facilities at any of the country parks today to be able to take payments at the parking machines. Please bring cash with you if you are visiting us today.

Are the toilets open at Sywell Country Park?

Toilet opening times The toilets are open from 7am to 7pm daily, except for Christmas Day.

Can you pay by card at Sywell?

Is there a village under pitsford reservoir?

Originally opened in 1956, Pitsford is now a recreational haven for everyone and so much more than 750 acres of water. The dam holds in place the reservoir and below is Pitsford village.

Is swimming allowed in Rutland Water?

Who can swim? We welcome anyone over the age of 8 who can easily swim a distance of 250m to join our open water swimming sessions. However, anyone under the age of 16 and new to the session must be accompanied by an adult who will also need to be in the water.

What to do at Pitsford Water in Northamptonshire?

Nestled in rolling rural Northamptonshire, Pitsford Water offers something for everyone. A lovely blend of woodland, meadow and grassland, there are stunning views over the water, making it a great setting for walking, cycling, fishing, sailing, watersports and birdwatching.

Do you need a permit to go to Pitsford Reservoir?

Pitsford Reservoir is split in two by a causeway, with the smaller area to the north designated as the nature reserve. You need to carry a permit to access the reserve, which can be purchased from the Fishing Lodge. As members of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust we qualified for a free annual permit.

Is there parking at Pitsford Water car park?

Pitsford Water has suitable parking for motorhomes. Car parks may be fitted with entrance barriers that allow for the extra height of motorhomes, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in or out. Follow these simple guidelines:

Where is the airstrip in Pitsford, Dorset?

Pitsford Water, which is used for fishing and sailing as well as storing water for the local area, is north-west of the village, but only part of it lies within the parish. Pitsford Airstrip is at Moulton Grange Farm.