Is Jacobs School of Music hard to get into?

So the acceptance rate at Jacobs is 25% for undergraduates and slightly over 33% for graduates. As with all applications to music school, keep in mind sometimes the numbers just don’t work to your advantage.

What is the acceptance rate for Jacobs School of Music?

about 25 percent
Admission to the Jacobs School of Music is done by a live or recorded audition only. The overall acceptance rate is generally about 25 percent for undergraduate students and about 30 percent for graduate students.

How long does it take to get admission decision from Indiana University?

Students generally receive an admission notification two to three weeks after all application materials have been received by our office.

What is Jacobs School of Music ranked?

It also ranked IU’s program in political science 29th and its economics program 39th. Another ranking, the QS World University Rankings, reported that IU’s Jacobs School of Music is a “top performer” worldwide.

Is Berklee College of music prestigious?

The Berklee school of music ranking is always in the top five of any ranking, oftentimes second only to Juilliard. But unlike Juilliard with its emphasis on the classical arts, Berklee is a distinctively contemporary music school. Its philosophy holds that music can be best taught through the music of the time.

Is IU a good music school?

IU Bloomington Music Rankings IU Bloomington was ranked #18 on College Factual’s most recent list of the best schools for music majors. This puts the bachelor’s program at the school solidly in the top 15% of all colleges and universities in the country. It is also ranked #1 in Indiana.

Is it too late to apply to Indiana University?

If you’re applying for the fall semester, you must apply by July 15. If you’re applying for the spring semester, you must apply by November 1. If you’re applying for a summer session, you must apply by April 1.

How do you know if you got into IU?

To check the status of your application

  • Go to Application Status in One. IU and click “Start.”
  • Log in using your IU username and passphrase to see the status of your application.