What is Bithiri Sathi real name?

Chevella Ravi Kumar
Chevella Ravi Kumar, better known by his stage name Bithiri Sathi, is an Indian stand-up comedian, impressionist, and television presenter, who is primarily associated with the Telugu film industry. He is known for his comedic take on news, most notably on V6 News and Zee Telugu.

What is the age of Bithiri Sathi?

42 years (April 5, 1979)
Chevella Ravi/Age

What happened to Bithiri Sathi in TV9?

Despite the fact that his show was the “second-most viewed” one on TV, Sathi was not spared by the management. The former ‘Theenmaar’ face of V6 used to face one or another issue with the management ever since he joined it. He finally called it quits.

What happened to Bithiri?

Popular comedian and anchor Chevella Ravi Kumar who became popular with his screen name Bithiri Sathi has tendered resignation to his job in TV9. He has been essaying the role of Sathi in TV9’s ‘Ismart News’. He joined TV9 when the new management took over.

What is the salary of Bithiri Sathi?

Bithiri Sathi alias Ravi Kumar, who became popular with ‘Teenmaar Varthalu’ in V6 news channel, was reportedly offered Rs 1.5 crore remuneration for being a contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

Who is the owner of V6 Telugu news channel?

VIL Media Pvt Ltd.
The channel started on 1 March 2012 and is owned by VIL Media Pvt Ltd. The channel’s chief editor and CEO is Ankam Ravi, a journalist.

What is the age of mangli?

27 years (June 10, 1994)

What is the meaning of Bithiri?

Bithiri in Telugu means immature minded person.

Who is the CEO of v6?

Ankam Ravi
V6 News

Key people Ankam Ravi CEO & Editor in chief Kranthi
Launched 1 March 2012

Who owns tv5 India?

Shreya Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd.
TV5 (India)

Language(s) Telugu
Picture format 16:9 (576i, SDTV)
Owner Shreya Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd.

What is mangli real name?

Satyavathi Rathod
Mangli/Full name
Satyavathi Rathod, popularly known as Mangli, is an Indian playback singer, television presenter and actress. She is popular for her traditional Banjara attire and known for her Telangana songs and performance at festival events in India and abroad.

What is mangali caste?

A scheduled caste community of Odisha.