How do I format a string in C#?

Format using C# String Format

  1. // Number formatting.
  2. int num = 302;
  3. string numStr = String.Format(“Number {0, 0:D5}”, num);
  4. Console.WriteLine(numStr);
  5. // Decimal formatting.
  6. decimal money = 99.95m;
  7. string moneyStr = String.Format(“Money {0, 0:C2}”, money);
  8. Console.WriteLine(moneyStr);

What is T between date and time?

The T is just a literal to separate the date from the time, and the Z means “zero hour offset” also known as “Zulu time” (UTC).

What is AC format string?

printf format string refers to a control parameter used by a class of functions in the input/output libraries of C and many other programming languages. The format string itself is very often a string literal, which allows static analysis of the function call.

How to format an ASP date to a string?

This lesson will teach you how to use the ASP Date Function, how to convert an ASP Date to a String and how to format an ASP Date. The ASP Date function has to be one of the easiest date retrieval methods of all time. To display the date on your page all you need to do is place the Date function as the Response.Write argument.

Are there custom format strings in ASP.NET?

There are also custom format strings, which display a apply a very specific formatting rule. These custom format strings can be put together to build more intricate formats.

What do you mean by formatting in ASP.NET?

Formatting is the process of converting a variable from its native type into a string representation. Anytime you display a DateTime or numeric variables in an ASP.NET page, you are formatting that variable from its native type into some sort of string representation.

How do you format a string in C #?

How To Format Strings In C#. C# String Format method formats and converts an object into a string. Learn how to use String.Format () method to format strings in C#. C# string format method formats strings in .NET. String.Format () manages formatting including the position, alignment, and format type.