Who is the owner of way station Inc?

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How does the way station help the community?

Support The Way Station’s community resources for families and individuals in need. The Way Station exists as a community resource for families and individuals in need; our food pantry, monthly food distribution, job training, support groups, and emergency assistance are just a few of the ways we work to reflect the love of Jesus!

What kind of process does way station use?

This is a holistic approach where a thoughtful and sensitive process is followed that includes meeting and talking with the person, thinking about his/her history, current functioning, strengths, abilities, needs, wants, desires, and preferences so that an informed decision is made regarding the best services for each person.

Who are the people at the way station?

JOIN THE WAY STATION AND SPREAD LOVE TO THOSE IN NEED! Agencies and organizations throughout Columbiana County use The Way Station as a resource to meet the needs of many: those who are homeless, individuals coming out of homelessness, people with special needs, and families/individuals in financial crisis.

How does way station work to help people?

We at Way Station are committed to helping our clients become healthier, contributing members of our community. Through state-of-the-art practices and advocacy, we work with them to meet their needs in a more understanding, accepting society. Way Station seeks to serve all eligible people through a strength based Recovery Model.

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