What did the queen say in her Christmas speech?

The Queen has used her Christmas Day message to reassure anyone struggling without friends and family this year that they “are not alone”. She said what many people want “for Christmas is a simple hug or a squeeze of the hand” – but “even on the darkest nights there is hope in the new dawn”.

Why was there no Queen’s Speech in 1969?

For the only time in The Queen’s reign to date, there was no Christmas Broadcast in 1969. This was because a special documentary film – ‘Royal Family’ – had been made during the summer in connection with the Investiture of The Prince of Wales.

Is Queen’s Christmas speech live?

Since 1952, the message has been read by Elizabeth II; today, it is broadcast on television, radio, and the Internet via various providers. It is usually broadcast at 1500 GMT.

How many people watched the Queen’s Christmas speech in 2018?

Overnight figures revealed a combined audience of 6.4 million watched The Queen’s annual message on BBC One, ITV, Sky One and Sky News. That figure rose to 7.1 million once figures were consolidated – less than Call the Midwife’s 8.7 million total.

What did Queen say about Harry?

Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday finally broke her silence over the allegations Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leveled in their Sunday TV sit-down, saying that “the whole family is saddened” and that the “issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning” — although “recollections may vary.”

What happens after the Queen’s speech?

After the Queen has delivered the speech, setting out the government’s agenda for the new session, the representatives of the state, including members of both Houses of Parliament, the Church, the judiciary and invited guests, leave the Lords chamber.

What was the most watched Programme on Christmas Day 2019?

Gavin & Stacey
BBC One’s Gavin & Stacey was the most watched show on Christmas Day with an incredible 11.6 million viewers, making it the biggest of the decade across all channels (since 2008).

How many people watched the Queen’s speech in 2019?

It was only the fifth time the Queen has given such a speech in her 68-year reign. Her most recent Christmas Day message drew a combined overnight audience of 7.85 million. In her speech on Sunday, the Queen said the UK “will succeed” in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Meghan call The Queen?

The name “Lilibet” is heavy with personal history for Her Majesty. The nickname was coined when then-Princess Elizabeth was just a toddler and couldn’t pronounce her own name properly.

Why does Meghan call Harry Haz?

She let the nickname slip during an interview with late-night host James Corden, who recently spent a day interviewing Harry while touring Los Angeles. The duchess was not able to join them in person, so Corden commandeered Harry’s phone so they could call her. “Haz, how’s your tour of L.A. going?” Meghan asked. “Haz?

What does the Queen carry in her handbag?

According to various sources, it is also said to contain mint lozenges, a fountain pen, a “metal make-up case” reportedly gifted by Prince Philip, and “good luck charms including miniature dogs, horses, saddles and brass horsewhips… and a handful of family photographs”.

Who is responsible for writing the Royal Christmas speech?

The themes and direction of the speech are decided by the Queen and the text is largely written by the Queen herself, sometimes with assistance from Prince Philip and her staff. In recent years, the speech has become more personal and religious in tone.

What was the theme of the Royal Christmas message?

The message, which attracted a record 28 million viewers in the United Kingdom, reflected on celebrations for the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and addressed the theme of service in its many forms.

When did the BBC stop broadcasting the Royal Christmas message?

The Queen ended this monopoly, however, announcing that the message would, from 1997, be produced and broadcast alternately by the BBC and its main rival, Independent Television News (ITN), with a biennial rotation.

Where was the first Royal Christmas message delivered?

Marking the 50th anniversary of the first Christmas message, the Queen delivered this year’s at the library of Windsor Castle, for the first time. The theme was “the sea”, in a year in which British troops fought in the Falklands War in the South Atlantic Ocean.