Is Oghren a GREY warden?

Without a word, Oghren left his family and traveled to Vigil’s Keep awaiting the Warden-Commander so he could join the Grey Wardens and helped defend the Keep when it was attacked by the darkspawn. Should he be put through the Joining he will survive and become a fully fledged Grey Warden.

How do I get Oghren to talk about Felsi?

Acquisition. Oghren will automatically talk to the Warden about Felsi, if his approval rating is above 30. Agreeing to help him find her will begin the quest. Alternatively, speak to Felsi in the Spoiled Princess after finishing A Paragon of Her Kind (not recommended if you want them to end up together).

Is Bhelen or Harrowmont better?

Bhelen is the better choice to expand dwarves and maybe stave of the race dying off. On the flip side however he is a royal douche pickle of a character. Harrowmont is as old and xenophobic as it gets.

Can Mhairi survive the joining?

Despite her enthusiasm for the Wardens, Mhairi does not survive the Joining ritual.

Is Sten in da2?

Sten is a warrior of the Beresaad, the vanguard of the Qunari people. He is not a typical Qunari as he was born without horns. As with all Qunari appellations, “Sten” is not a name but a rank. He is a potential companion to the Warden and can only be recruited in Lothering.

Can you not recruit Oghren?

Because the battles there are so hard, players typically leave Orzammar for last, even though the game allows you to visit the area fairly early. Oghren also happens to be the only follower you have no choice about recruiting and you also can’t get rid of him except to kill him.

Where is Kristoff’s wife?

Justice for Kristoff is triggered when she confronts her husband’s corpse possessed by Justice. After the encounter she becomes angry and leaves. She can be found in the Chantry of our Lady Redeemer in Amaranthine, in the top left chamber. Justice must be in the active party for her to appear.

Does Harrowmont execute Bhelen?

Dragon Age: Origins Harrowmont is one of the two candidates for the throne of Orzammar, the other being Prince Bhelen. The Warden must choose to support one of these candidates during A Paragon of Her Kind. If the Warden joins forces with Bhelen, when he ascends to the throne, he will order Harrowmont executed.

Where is Lord Helmi?

the Orzammar Commons
Lord Helmi is found in Tapster’s Tavern in the Orzammar Commons, drinking away his time. It is fairly easy to convince him to vote for Bhelen, although asking him about his political views can shed some light on the different candidates.

Is Anders a GREY warden?

Regardless of the events of Awakening, Anders becomes a Grey Warden, meets Justice and survives. He says that the Wardens forced him to give Ser Pounce-a-lot to a friend in Amaranthine because it made him too soft.

How long does it take to beat Dragon Age Awakening?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 58 13h 29m
Main + Extras 185 17h 26m
Completionists 66 21h 31m
All PlayStyles 309 17h 34m

Why do the Qunari look different?

The change in qunari appearances have practical roots as well. “Art wanted to create more space between the races so we changed the way the qunari looked,” says senior artist Matt Goldman.

Why was Oghren so popular in Dragon Age?

Oghren was one of the best warriors of his generation and a member of House Kondrat in Orzammar, and in his youth he became quite popular, especially among women, due to his many victories against decorated veterans in the Provings.

Can you leave Oghren alone in Dragon Age?

Alone except for Oghren and possibly Loghain. Yes, even Morrigan can leave the party permanently. An image from the Bye Oghren mod.

Where does Oghren talk to Felsi in Dragon Age?

You can enter the Spoiled Princess again and talk to Felsi – this will start with Oghren talking to her in continuation to the Warden’s “Go get her”. If Shale is in your party (and Oghren is absent) the conversation between Felsi and Oghren will take place between Felsi and Shale.

Who is the author of Oghren’s old flame?

According to Felsi, Oghren attended her father’s funeral where he became drunk, took off his pants and challenged the roast dinner to wrestle, ultimately losing to it in an arm lock. This quest was written by Mary Kirby and was intentionally small since much of Oghren’s personal story was told in A Paragon of Her Kind.