What is meant by fecund?

Definition of fecund 1 : fruitful in offspring or vegetation : prolific a fecund breed of cattle. 2 : intellectually productive or inventive to a marked degree a fecund imagination a fecund source of information.

What is animal fecundity?

Fecundity is the ability to produce offspring. It can also describe the reproductive rate of an individual organism. Animals have limited amounts of energy they can use for reproduction. Animals with high fecundity spend their energy in the production of many offspring that do not require much care.

What does fecundity mean in ethics?

Fecundity: The probability that the action will be followed by sensations of the same kind. Purity: The probability that it will not be followed by sensations of the opposite kind.

What is fecundity and examples?

For example fecundity is the potential to for a female to become pregnant and carry that pregnancy to a live birth in demography, while in clinical medicine it refers to actual production of live offspring.

What is the fecundity of humans?

They define fecundity as (1) the possibility of becoming pregnant or (2) the likelihood of exposure to being pregnant, which is essentially dependent on the sexual pattern and preventive measures being taken. In humans, the fecundity is reflective of the duration between female menarche and menopause.

What causes depopulation?

Rural depopulation processes affect regions where the rural exodus outstrips natural growth, reducing the total number of inhabitants to a critical level and causing an ageing of demographic structures. Nevertheless, depopulation may also be caused by displacement because of large infrastructure investments.

What is purity in ethics?

The ethic of compassion consists in accepting another and recognising the dignity of another based on shared humanity. In contrast, the ethic of purity privileges adherence to the moral order of the group over considerations for the person.