What kind of router is the Asus rt-n66u?

However, there is another class of wireless router that offers more than the standard feature set. The ASUS RT-N66U Dual-band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router is one such hot rod.

Is the Asus wireless router compatible with IPv6?

Does ASUS wireless router support setting up PPPoE in IPv6? Currently, ASUS Wireless router does not support setting up PPPoE in IPV6. How to get the (Utility / Firmware)? You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center.

How to set up an Asus wireless router?

*ASUS Wireless Router uses a web-based user interface that allows you to configure the router by any web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome. 3. Key in your router’s username and password on the login page.

Which is the best Asus WiFi router to buy?

ASUS has a range of wireless routers suitable for every purpose. Whether it’s for your home, for business trips, or for any other need or environment, there’s an ASUS router for you. See all ASUS WiFi Routers RT-AX86U

Which is the best Asus N900 router to buy?

Being the first N900 router from Asus, the RT-N66U offers stellar performance on the 5GHz band and a vast number of features. The router also has great wireless range and was very stable in my testing.

What kind of WiFi router does ASUs use?

In this case, Asus offers up the Lyra Trio, a three-pack of dual-band mesh Wi-Fi devices. The idea here is that one device acts as a router unit, and the other two are satellites placed throughout the home, grabbing the signal from the router unit and extending the Wi-Fi coverage.

Are there any downsides to an Asus router?

The Lyra Voice is also a doddle to set up (via an app). Downsides are that you only get one Gigabit LAN port (and a WAN port), and furthermore on the wired connectivity front, you don’t get any USB ports to hook up other devices to your network. Still, this remains a novel all-in-one solution which definitely has its appeal.

What’s the price of an Asus Dark Knight router?

The ASUS “Dark Knight” RT-N66U ($129.99 USD) is one of the most popular 802.11a/b/g/n routers around, and for good reason — it is fast and very powerful for its price tag. Thanks to Quick Internet Set Up it is also very simple to get it connected to the internet.

Is it easy to set up an Asus router?

Thanks to Quick Internet Set Up it is also very simple to get it connected to the internet. Unfortunately it, along with many other routers produced by ASUS, has a major security flaw that requires a firmware upgrade to be resolved. That shouldn’t deter users though.