How do you count points on a deer rack?


  1. Add the total length of both main beams.
  2. Add the total length of all the points.
  3. Add total length of four circumference measurements.
  4. Add the spread credit.
  5. Subtract the total number of inches of all abnormal points on a typical rack.

How do you grade a deer rack?

Scoring whitetail deer – How to score a buck

  1. Measure the main beams of the antlers.
  2. Measure the inside spread of the main beams.
  3. Take the tine or “G” measurements.
  4. Take the circumference or “H” measurements.
  5. Take a measurement of abnormal points.

Do brow tines count on a mule deer?

The most logical reason is because the abundance of mule deer, which traditionally has been counted using one side only, minus the brow tine or eye guard. A typical mule deer is four points on one side with brow tines. Whitetails, on the other hand, are typically counted using all the points on the antlers.

How old is a 6 point deer?

The “old 6 point” is a deer that nearly every property has had sometime in the past or will in the future. They are the deer that are always joked about sitting around the campfire during hunting season. On my property I have set my harvest standards to focus on bucks that are 4.5 years old or older.

Do mule deer have eye guards?

By definition, a typical mule deer will have four points per side, plus eye guards.

What’s the score on a mule deer hunt?

Nonetheless, a high scoring mule deer is always an achievement and would be icing to any mule deer hunt. Below is a quick-n-dirty guide to scoring mule deer and estimating your bucks gross score. Pictured above is a graphic from the Boone And Crockett Club (B&C) detailing where and how measurements are made.

How long does it take to score a deer with a rackulator?

In fact, the Rackulator calculates the final score in any of the major scoring systems. No more getting tangled in the tape or putting nasty adhesive tape on your trophy! It took us under 4 minutes to score this buck with a Rackulator 237 4/8.

What kind of tape do you use to measure mule deer?

All measurements must be made with a 1/4-inch wide flexible steel tape to the nearest one-eighth of an inch. (Note: A flexible steel cable can be used to measure points and main beams only.) Enter fractional figures in eighths, without reduction.

How is the inside spread of a mule deer measured?

After the inside spread is done we measure one antler at a time. Here we are measuring the main beam length (F). This is done on the outside of the antler from the base to the tip of the beam. Then we start with the tine measurements in chronological order from G1 to G4.