Do all stratocasters have a whammy bar?

Short answer: Most of them do. Longer answer: Strats have had the tremolo since day one. At times, Fender has offered ‘hardtail’ Strats – no tremolo – where the bridge was just screwed directly to the body.

Can you play without tremolo?

you don’t need a trem for anything, but there are some things that if you want to cover correctly, you’ll get frustrated without it. There are a lot of great players that just use it very subtly too.

Can you put a tremolo on a hardtail Strat?

There are two main methods to convert a Stratocaster with a floating tremolo bridge to a hardtail Stratocaster. One involves “blocking” the bridge by wedging a wood block between the trem system and the body of the guitar.

Can you play a Strat without pickguard?

Short answer, no, it won’t look good without the pickguard, the pickguard is what holds the pickups and the pots, and covers up the control cavity.

Is whammy bar bad for guitar?

Conclusion. As you can see, whammy bars are perfectly fine. There is no any harm whatsoever a whammy bar can do to your guitar. Of course, you can notice some tuning stability issues when you use it, but it’s probably not because of a whammy bar itself.

Does tremolo block affect tone?

A: Blocking a tremolo means to set it up so that it can only go down in pitch, not up. Doing so provides a number of advantages: It can add sustain to your tone. It’s a must if you change among alternate tunings; since the tremolo doesn’t float, the strings are easier to re-tune.

Does fender make a hardtail Strat?

Fender unveils hardtail Strat bridges, black painted headstocks and Inca Silver finish options for Mod Shop guitars and basses. The new finishes and headstocks are available across Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass body shapes.

What was the first Super Strat?

Eddie Van Halen’s put-together Frankenstrat is widely recognised as the first Super Strat – borne out of his need for a faster, more aggressive and playable instrument that Fender and Gibson were able to create at the time.

Do whammy bars detune?

Yes, it will exacerbate detuning issues, sure, but a good quality tremolo combined with a locking nut will minimise this. The main problems come from the movement of the string beyond the nut if you don’t have some way to lock it, and slackening or stretching the strings.

What’s the difference between a Strat Trem and a freeflyre tremolo?

Unlike the traditional Strat trem that came before it, the FreeFlyre tremolo was top–loaded and the trem claw and springs went under the pickguard and pickups. Because of this, Strats with the Freeflyte system have bodies routed unlike any others before or after them.

What kind of tremolo system does a Fender guitar use?

The tremolos on these guitars came stock with elongated, Fender–style tremolo arms and feel like a cross between a Bigsby and Jazzmaster floating trem. The two–spring system also provides a healthy amount of resistance and stays in tune much better than you’d expect. They work exceptionally on Spaghetti Western and surf–style guitar lines.

What are the components of a tremolo system?

First, some definitions. A “tremolo system” refers to all components of the tremolo unit, which can include the tailpiece, the bridge, the nut and the tremolo bar. And it helps to know that the terms “tremolo bar”, “vibrato bar” and “whammy bar” are all used interchangeably—as are the terms “bar” and “arm”.

How does the Trem King guitar vibrato system work?

The First New Design for Tremolo in 30 Years! The newly patented TREM KING® is a vibrato system for guitar that uses a fixed bridge concept. The bridge plate is fixed to the body of the guitar. The saddles are fixed to the bridge and do not move. The intonation point and string height never change as with many other designs.