What courses is Admu known for?

It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the arts, sciences, and business through its four component schools: Humanities, Management, Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences.

How do I become an Ateneo scholar?

What are the criteria for selection of incoming Freshman scholars?

  1. High school grades and rank in school; honors and awards received.
  2. Sense of service and leadership potential as reflected in student’s extra-curricular involvement.
  3. Desire to be part of the Ateneo community.

Is there an architecture course in Ateneo?

BS Arch, Bachelor of Science in Architecture | Ateneo de Davao University.

Is there an engineering course in Ateneo?

This 5-year engineering program prepares students to become quality engineers in information technology and computer applications. Graduates will have good communication and analytical skills gained from mathematics, science, engineering, and elective courses offered by the department.

Is Ateneo a boy school?

The Ateneo de Manila Grade School is the elementary education unit of the Ateneo de Manila University, and is the oldest unit in existence – Ateneo de Manila began as a government-run primary school during the Spanish colonial period. It is an all-boys school with a population of around 4,000 students.

Does Ateneo have scholarship?

The very best applicants to the Ateneo de Manila University are awarded the Ateneo Merit Scholarship. The recipients of this scholarship can select any four or five-year degree program of their choice. They are awarded a full tuition and fees grant and a php50,000 annual allowance.

How much does an architecture course cost?

According to CollegeCalc.org, the average total out-of-state cost for a bachelor’s program in architecture with a four-year degree is $179,376. Master’s degrees add on even more, with a two-year program costing between $27,600 and $72,580, and programs of three or four years can cost up to $145,200 just for tuition.

Does Ateneo have uniform?

The Ateneo is a Catholic university; run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Like some other universities have uniforms, although Ateneo doesn’t.