How long does Blue Dart take to deliver?

How long does Bluedart couriers take to deliver? It depends on the delivery service you chose. As a ballpark, around 2-3 days between major cities. You can use the transit time finder tool on their website for more accurate estimation.

What happens if Blue Dart Courier is not delivered?

In the case of an undelivered shipment, he can choose to receive delivery details by email or SMS. The customer can also access the Location Finder which provides details about all locations service by Blue Dart, based on a pincode. An intimation will be received by the customer as soon as the shipment is delivered.

Does Blue Dart ask for OTP for delivery?

Further, Blue Dart does not not ask for a PIN or OTP number from its Customers for any payments. This security notice does not affect the obligation of a consignee to pay shipping, customs, GST or similar applicable charges, where these are properly payable at the time of delivery.

Does Blue Dart deliver after 5pm?

You people can’t deliver after 5 pm. Today is start of the week and if the letter is important.. your services suck . That means, BLUEDART never deliver letters at one attempt at 90% cases.

Does Bluedart deliver at night?

Blue dart works day and night to deliver parcel to their customer. For commercial or 24 hrs express delivery you can use Blue dart aviation. Blue dart cargo shipments operates night and delivery in next day early morning.

Can I pickup my package from Bluedart?

With “Pickup Online” customers can schedule their pickups for multiple packages and services through a single request, upto 30 days in advance. For availing this service, customers will have to log on to “Schedule a pickup” would appear as one of the Registered user services.

Does Blue dart deliver Sunday?

Q) Does Blue Dart deliver on Sundays? Most of the courier services do not deliver the parcels on Sundays. However, Blue Dart delivers the packages on Weekends. As a good courier company in India, Blue Dart offers quality services to the customers.

Can I collect my parcel from Blue dart office?

Schedule-a-pickup service allows you to register a pickup online for all services that require a door pickup. This service is available for locations serviced by Blue Dart. Currently, this service is only available from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai – Mondays to Saturdays.

Does Blue Dart deliver at night?

How do I check my Blue Dart service?

To track your shipment:

  1. Select the Ref.
  2. Enter your Reference Number or Order Number in the box provided.
  3. If you wish to track more than 1 set of numbers, separate each Reference Number or Order Number by a comma.
  4. Click on GO to receive the latest update on the status of your shipment.

What’s the delivery status of Blue Dart Express?

Blue Dart Express — Delivery status “shipment out for delivery” for last 3 days. Worst service by blue dart. My consignment with waybill no : [protected] is under status “shipment out for delivery” for the last 3 days!

How can I track my Blue Dart shipments?

You may track shipments sent on Blue Dart services within India or to Nepal, Bangladesh or Bhutan. Shipments under single or multiple waybills may be tracked using either the waybill number or the reference number given at the time of shipping.

Do you have to pay on delivery with bluedart?

A: – No. Bluedart does not accept payments such as Cash on Delivery for international shipments. Q: Why must you inspect my international shipment? A: – DHL reserves the right to inspect a shipment without prior notice to the shipper.

How to contact Blue Dart for customised pricing?

If you are a regular customer in need of customised pricing Contact Blue Dart. Service Guide: Use our Service Guide to help you select the service that best meets your business requirements. Schedule a pickup on-line from anywhere in the world.