What is the difference between Oxo Tower Restaurant and Brasserie?

The brasserie has live music every night while the restaurant has a calmer more fine dining atmosphere. The menu in the brasserie is inspired by Mediterranean and Asian cuisine while the Restaurant menu is based around European and British classics with it’s ingredients being sourced from as close as home as possible.

Is there a dress code for the Oxo Tower restaurant?

There is no dress code, but a lot of our guests come in smart casual clothing. Guests are welcome to dress as they wish.

What should I wear to the Ivy Tower Bridge?

The Ivy Tower Bridge dress code is Smart Casual. We are unable to allow dogs in the restaurant.

How high is the Oxo Tower restaurant?

67m high
The OXO tower is 67m high and was built 1900.

What is the difference between a restaurant and a brasserie?

As nouns the difference between restaurant and brasserie is that restaurant is an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables while brasserie is a small, informal restaurant that serves beer and wine as well as simple food.

Does Harvey Nichols have a dress code?

No dress code needed.

Can you wear jeans to the Oxo Tower?

You will find that guests in the Brasserie are dressed more casual. over a year ago. over a year ago. Will smart jeans and an evening top be ok for a woman.

Why is it called the Oxo Tower?

Enter the wonderfully named Liebig Extract of Meat Company, who, in the late 1920s, acquired the site to convert the building into a cold store. Liebig were famous for making Oxo Beef Stock Cubes, so yes, Oxo Tower really does get its name from that! The tower in 1935 complete with original Oxo branding.

Can I wear trainers to the ivy?

9 answers. No shorts, but smart casual and you can wear jeans as long as they are not scruffy. Smart casual at lunch time. A couple of our American cousins were in shorts and trainers .

What is the Oxo Tower famous for?

The Oxo Tower is a South Bank landmark surmounting a former cold store and meat products factory. It was built in the late 1920s, retaining some of the riverfront facade of a Post Office power station that had formerly occupied the site, then known as Stamford Wharf.

Where is the brasserie at the Tower Hotel?

On the north bank of London’s River Thames, the Tower Hotel overlooks the pristine St. Katharine’s Dock. Nestled inside is the Brasserie, offering casual dining to residents and non-residents alike as well as stunning views of Tower Bridge.

Where is the best place to eat in London?

OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie in London is the ideal place to have dinner with live music, a cocktail after work or a relaxed lunch with friends.

Where is the best place to eat in Oxo Tower?

Situated on the top floor of the famous OXO Tower, with arguably the most iconic views across the Thames of St Paul’s. We are perfect for any occasion from a quick coffee to an afternoon tea or an indulgent 6-course tasting menu with matched wines.