Is Sergi Constance pro?

SERGI CONSTANCE WINS MUSCLE PRO TITLE Sergi Constance wins is WBFF Muscle Model Pro title. The Spanish fitness superstar took the title at WBFF Denmark on May 10 2014, launching his career in the…

What is the age of Sergi Constance?

32 years (October 25, 1988)
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Where is Sergi Constance from?

Valencia, Spain
Sergi Constance/Place of birth

How tall is Jeff Seid in feet?

1.83 m
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What happened Lazar?

He’s injured and has had surgery. On September 12, 2015, he posted on his Facebook page that his knee surgeries went well and he was about to start rehab. He said he would probably also need surgery on his elbows.

How old is Simeon Panda?

35 years (May 23, 1986)
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How old is Jeff Seid?

27 years (June 12, 1994)
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How tall is Sergi Constance height and weight?

Ever since the moment, he realized how his body changed, and the way it made his feel about himself – he caught the bug and kept on growing. Sergi was born in Valencia Spain. Being an avid lover of sports, his favorite subject in school was physical education.

What did Sergi Constance do with his life?

However, after modelling, Sergi turned his attention on competing in Bodybuilding Shows. After securing a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity, he later went on to create a successful career as a WBFF PRO Muscle Model.

Why is Sergi Constance so popular on social media?

Sergi started to become more popular as his fan base on social media started to grow. Sergi started to become a familiar face because he is a Global Ambassador for sporting brands. Not only was he a brand ambassador, but he also promotes his own company which are supplements and a clothing line.

How big does Sergi Constance get on the diet?

Remember that every body type is different. The Sergi Constance diet may seem like a lot of food for you, but it works for his big frame. Even though he stays lean for most of the year, he weighs around 215 – 225 pounds. That means he needs to eat a solid amount of food, in order to maintain his size.