How many Volvo 850 T5 are left?

2021 2012
VOLVO 850 T-5 26 119
VOLVO 850 T-5 AUTO 13 68
VOLVO 850 T5 CD 31 117
VOLVO 850 T5 CD AUTO 80 295

Is Volvo 850 a good car?

The Volvo 850 is one of the best family vehicles ever designed (in my opinion). We own a 1994 sedan and a 1997 wagon and we love driving them both. We have enjoyed driving our vehicles coast-to-coast. They have been incredibly reliable.

What replaced the Volvo 850?

Volvo S70
The Volvo 850 was succeeded by the Volvo S70 and Volvo V70.

What engine in Volvo 850?

Its turbocharged 2.3-litre five-pot motor produced 222bhp, good for 0-62mph in 7.3sec. A torque limiter in first gear was designed to contain wheelspin (the 850 is front-wheel drive) but even with a steady driving style, you’ll be lucky to get 10,000 miles from the front tyres.

Is Volvo 850 RWD?

The Volvo 850 was the only FWD car on the list and they used a Wagon to boot. It came in at 152 MPH stock.

Are 5 cylinder engines good?

Because the power strokes have less downtime, a five-cylinder engine may run more smoothly than a four-cylinder engine, but only at limited mid-range speeds where second and third-order vibrations are lower.

Are Volvos FWD or RWD?

Today all Volvos are either front- or four-wheel driven. In1985 it was a different situation. Since 1927, rear-wheel drive had been used by Volvo Car Corporation but on October 15, 1985, Volvo published a picture of their first series-produced front-wheel drive car – the 480ES.

What was the original name of the Volvo 850 T5?

The original idea was to name the car the Volvo 850 T5+ (with the “plus” referring to the increase horsepower and extras) and it was planned to be a Limited Edition. However, in the 1994 Volvo Press kit the new performance car was referred to as the 850 plus 5.

What’s the average speed of a Volvo 850 T-5R?

Mated to a slick-shifting electronic four-speed automatic (the only transmission offered), our T-5R wagon scorched to 60 mph in just 6.7 seconds—three-tenths quicker than our last 850 Turbo wagon.

What’s the difference between Moto Guzzi 850 T3 and 850 T5?

Squared-off barrels and rockerbox covers distinguish it from the original T3 850, but apart from that, the only significant updates relate to Nikasil bores and breathing arrangements. The former of these enabled Guzzi to abandon steel cylinder liners, with the consequent disadvantage that rebores are an impossibility.

Is the Volvo 850 a good used car?

All 850s are well built and solid – later cars have Volvo’s Side Impact Protection System (signified by a SIPS sticker on the back window) to better protect you in lateral collisions. Standard equipment is good, no matter which trim level you pick.