What is a luminara candle?

Luminara Candles are electronic candles which use patented moving flame technology to imitate a real burning flame. Luminara Candle have a flame that physically moves.

Are Luminara candles led?

Luminara Flameless Taper Candles (2-Pack, Ivory White); 9.75-Inch Flickering Flame Real Wax LED Battery-Operated Candles.

What are Luminara candles made of?

Balsam Hill’s Luminara Flameless Battery-Operated Pillar Candle is made from real paraffin wax, enhances its beauty and realism.

Who owns Luminara candles?

Mike Li, Managing Member of Liown and Mike O’Shaughnessy, Managing Member of Luminara, were united in their enthusiasm and support for the joint venture. Newly appointed L&L Candle Company CEO, Johnny Yang, says, “Independently, we were the undisputed leaders of the flameless candle category.

What kind of batteries do Luminara candles use?

As with any traditional candle, care is required to maintain your Luminara® Candle so that you can enjoy it for years to come. For optimal performance, please take the time to read the instructions inside. Your candle requires two (2) C batteries (sold separately).

Why is my candle flickering so much?

The wick is drawing oil from the candle wax as fuel, and a buildup is created within the wick. If the flame gets too little or too much air or fuel, it can flicker or flare and unburned carbon particles (soot) will escape from the flame before they can fully combust.

Why is my Luminara candle blinking?

When the Luminara candles start blinking (both brands: Mirage and Luminara) that indicated that the batteries were running out or the candle was giving out.

What do you think of the Luminara candle?

Tranquil, mesmerizing, and ever so slightly mind-blowing. Part of the fun of owning a Luminara candle is pointing out the realistic flame technology to your amazed guests. Introducing an entirely new way to add ambiance and aroma to your home.

What kind of candles do Lumiere candles make?

We specialize in hand crafted beeswax candle covers and a large selection of decorative candle sleeves that are designed to enhance the look of your lighting. Our website is designed with education in mind.

How do you turn off a Luminara candle?

Use the optional remote to turn on a candle across the room or high on the mantel. Or set the built-in self-timer and let Luminara candles welcome you home at the appointed hour before turning off automatically 5 hours later. Safety is a beautiful thing. Our candles safely go where traditional flame candles can’t.

What do you call a piece of lighting that mimics a candle?

Candle covers are the decorative piece that covers the electrical socket on a chandelier or other lighting. They mimic a candle, hence the use of the name candle in the description. Candle covers are also know by a number of different phrases: Candle sleeves