Who is the girl that sings in Pentatonix?

Kirstin Maldonado
Is Kirstin Maldonado, the 24-year-old a cappella singer and lone female member of Pentatonix, about to launch a solo career?

What happened to Pentatonix female singer?

Pentatonix singer Kirstin Maldonado has officially gone solo! The 25-year-old artist released her first solo single, titled “Break a Little,” on Friday.

Did Kirstin from Pentatonix get plastic surgery?

However, she underwent some plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures (Kirstin hasn’t revealed the truth about the procedures she underwent in fact) that altered her look completely.

Is the female singer in Pentatonix married?

Maldonado and Lewis (Illinois native) started dating in August 2013. One may not be wrong to conclude that it was their mutual passion for music that brought them together. The cute couple are currently engaged to be married.

Is the guy in Pentatonix a girl?

Two of Pentatonix’s members, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, are openly gay, and the group vocally supports the LGBT community. We’re super excited to see what’s next for Pentatonix!

Is the girl in Pentatonix new?

Kirstin Maldonado knows you can’t pronounce her name, but she feels her new solo moniker won’t cause as much confusion. Maldonado, the lone female member of a cappella group Pentatonix, is currently launching her own solo career, introducing fans to an intimate side of herself — and, of course, to a new name: kirstin™.

Which Pentatonix member is Mormon?

Kevin Olusola (K.O.), talented cellist, beat boxer and singer with the popular a cappella group, Pentatonix, revealed his strong Christian background and what it is like to negotiate Christianity in the world of pop music, in interviews with Beliefnet and TC Magazine.

What race is Kristen from Pentatonix?

Kirstin Taylor Maldonado was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on May 16, 1992. Her mother, Angelica Maldonado, is of Spanish and Italian descent, while her father, Michael Cisneros, is of Mexican descent.

Who is the female singer in Pentatonix?

At age twentyone, Scott Hoying is a lead singer of the band, Pentatonix, along with Kirstie Maldonado and Mitch Grassi. Kirstie Maldonado. The only female in the band, Kirstie Maldonado is a lead singer of Pentatonix at age twenty.

Did Kirstie Maldonado get married?

Maldonado and Lewis (image source) Kirstin Maldonado is not married but she is engaged to Jeremy Michael Lewis. Lewis is an accomplished businessman and owns his own digital marketing consulting company.

How tall is Kirstie Maldonado?

Kirstin Maldonado is 5 feet 4 inches or 1.62m tall and weighs 121lbs or 55kg. The Texas native also boasts of a pair of charming eyes.