How do I know my Spicer differential?

The Spicer front non drive steering axles are identified with a tag located between the spring pads, on the front side of the center beam section. All Spicer heavy axle assemblies are identified with two tags. One located on the differential carrier, and the other on the right front leg of the banjo housing.

Is Spicer the same as Dana?

Spicer® is a Dana brand name—it’s the brand name Dana uses for their axle and driveshaft products. And under low-load conditions, Spicer ring and pinion gears performed more than twice as many cycles as the competition!

What are Super 40 rear ends?

Newer trucks “super 40’s” are 46k rears with “3/8 thick housings insted of “1/2. full set of tandems saves about 50 pounds. If you spec a new truck they will let you use 40k suspensions with “super 40’s. TYPICALLY if you get 46’s they make you get a 44k or heavier suspension and scrutitize lighter frames etc.

What is super40s?

Rated at 40,000 pounds gross axle weight, the Super-40 is built with Dana’s high power density (HPD) design technology, wider face-width gearing, and high-capacity bearing systems, resulting in higher gross combination weight (GCW) ratings of up to 160,000 pounds. Sixteen large, fine-pitch M18 bolt ring gear mountings.

What does 46k rears mean?

It means that the rear suspension (on the tractor or trailer) is designed to carry 46k of load.

What can a Spicer differential case assembly be used for?

For years, Spicer ® differential carrier case assemblies have been an effective repair solution for automotive applications, including autos, pickup trucks, Jeeps ®, SUVs, and more.

What is the model number of a Spicer axle?

1 – Country or origin 2 – Axle model identification 3 – Specification number assigned to the axle built by Spicer.

What is the service manual for a Spicer single reduction drive?

Dana presents this publication to aid in maintenance and overhaul of Spicer single reduction drive axles. Instructions contained cover the models listed below. Their design is common, with differences in load capacity.

How big of a differential do I Need?

The following are recommended Differential Set-Up Specifications for various differentials. If in doubt, consult our staff of differential parts specialists. 8″ Front / Rear – 4 Cyl.