Who were the 4/20-game winners for the Orioles?

Twenty-game winners are a rare breed and, in 1971, Baltimore had four of them. Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar, Jim Palmer and Pat Dobson rang up win after win as the team took the American League East title with the best rotation in baseball.

In what year did the Orioles have 4/20-game winners?

On September 26, 1971, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jim Palmer wins his 20th game of the year, becoming the fourth Orioles pitcher to win 20 games in the 1971 season. This made the 1971 Orioles pitching staff the first since that of the 1920 Chicago White Sox to field four 20-game winners.

When was the last time a pitcher won 20 games?

The most recent tie in the American League was in 2012, when Jered Weaver and David Price tied for the lead with 20 wins each, and the most recent tie in the National League was in 2011, when Ian Kennedy and Clayton Kershaw tied with 21 wins each.

How many pitchers won 30 games?

Complete list of all single-season 30 game winners in organized baseball history.

WINS Pitcher L
31 Jim Whitney 33
40 Will White 12
36 Jim McCormick 30
33 Charles Radbourn 19

Who was the last Orioles 20 game winner?

As of 2016, the 1971 Orioles are one of only two Major League Baseball clubs (the 1920 Chicago White Sox being the other) to have four 20-game winners in a season: Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar, and Pat Dobson.

Who won the World Series in 1971?

Pittsburgh Pirates
1971 World Series/Champion

Which pitcher has the most wins in 2021?

Julio Urias
MLB Stat Leaders 2021

Wins W
1 Julio UriasLAD 17
2 Adam WainwrightSTL 16
3 Walker BuehlerLAD 14
3 Kevin GausmanSF 14

What is the best MLB record ever?

Best MLB Regular Season Records

Team Record
1 Chicago Cubs 116-36
2 Seattle Mariners 116-46
3 New York Yankees 114-48
4 Cleveland Indians 111-43

Who has the heaviest bat in MLB?

Edd Roush
Edd Roush. Hall of Famer Edd Roush holds the distinction as the player who used the heaviest bat in MLB history. Roush, who debuted with the Chicago White Sox in 1913, used a 48-ounce behemoth. His power statistics by modern standards are not spectacular as he only hit 68 home runs during his 18-year career.

Who was the last 30 game winner in MLB?

Denny McLain
In 1968, McLain became the most recent Major League Baseball pitcher to win 30 or more games during a season (with a record of 31–6) — a feat accomplished by only 11 players in the 20th century….

Denny McLain
MLB statistics
Win–loss record 131–91
Earned run average 3.39
Strikeouts 1,282

What MLB teams have had 4/20 game winners?

Who was the last pitcher to win 25?

Bob Welch
The last 25-game winner was Bob Welch in 1990 for the World Series winning Oakland Athletics. Backed by the Bash Brothers, Welch went 27–6. The last pitcher to win 25 games in the National League was Steve Carlton in 1972, when Lefty also won 27 games.