Who does Federico end up with Violetta?

In Season 2, Federico returned at the Studio and he fell in love with Ludmila, and so did she; but Ludmila didn’t want to admit it at first. But later, in episode 77, they share their first kiss and later, they officially become a couple.

Why did Thomas leave the show Violetta?

He is also in the middle of a romantic saga, featuring Violetta and Ludmila. At the end of the series, he decides to leave Buenos Aires and return to Spain, where he believes his music can progress further.

Why did Francesca and Marco break up?

In the last episodes, she and Marco decided to break up because of Francesca moving back to Italy, but after Violetta convinced her father to let her stay, they started dating again. Francesca said she didn’t want to get back together with Marco after all that happened, but she actually did.

How are Francesca and Federico related in Violetta?

Francesca and Federico are very good friends. At the beginning, Francesca seemed to have a little crush on Federico, but they are just friends. They have a lot in common, for example, they are both Italian and love to sing in Italian together, like when they sang ” Vieni e Canta ” with Luca.

Why is Violetta so jealous of Francesca Caviglia?

After season 1 ends, Luca is not seen again and is rarely mentioned by Francesca. Violetta is Francesca’s best friend. At first, Francesca is jealous of Violetta because Tomas likes her and he doesn’t have any feelings for Francesca.

Why did Violetta and Francesca break up in real life?

In this part of the season, Francesca’s feelings for Tomas seem to grow stronger, and they end up dating. But they break up later because Francesca is still jealous of Tomas’ feelings for Violetta. She also loses her voice and has to use Violetta as her replacement.

Who is the sister of Violetta Caviglia?

Francesca Caviglia is a smart, caring, kind, and determined, yet also a stubborn girl who was born in Italy along with her older brother Luca, who ran the family business of Resto Band.