How long does it take to train to be a smart meter installer?

Our training programme lasts around 45 days and is made up of classroom-based sessions alongside technical workshops and assessments. They’re all run by our team of trainers and assessors. You’ll also have on-the-job mentoring days with a qualified smart metering installer.

How long does SSE smart meter take to top up?

40 minutes
When you top up your smart Pay As You Go meter, the new credit is sent to your meter automatically. It can take up to 40 minutes for the top-up to register on your meter.

Can I turn my smart meter off at night?

If you have a smart meter, your meter won’t cut off: During the night – between 4pm and 9.59am, Monday to Friday.

What qualifications do I need to fit smart meters?

You don’t need any specific qualifications to start training as a Smart Meter installer though some employers may prefer you to have a minimum of four GCSEs or equivalent. Qualifications in maths, English, science, design and technology or electronics would all be useful.

What is the maximum amount you can put on an electric key SSE?

You can top-up between £1 and £99 in one go. Put your key into the meter When you get home, put the key into your meter to transfer the credit.

Why can’t I top up my SSE smart meter online?

If you’re unable to top up, we may be able to offer further support. The easiest way is to use our form. You’ll need to pay back any credit you borrow, but we can spread the cost so you pay a little bit at a time. We’ll make sure your repayment plan is affordable.

What time of day do smart meters reset?

Your IHD will show your Standing Charge each day, which usually refreshes around midnight each day.

Why is my electric usage so high at night?

The biggest culprit is probably your heating and cooling system, which you don’t usually want to turn off entirely at night. Other things, like the refrigerator and freezer, also need to keep running. However, there are some items in your house that are simply draining energy for no good reason.

How does a smart meter work with SSE?

Smart meters replace your existing energy meter and send us regular meter readings automatically. Once you’ve had your smart kit installed, you’ll be able to see how much energy you’re using on a handheld device called an In-Home Display, or by logging into your SSE online account.

Is there an app to top up my SSE meter?

Download our SSE Top-Up app. It’s free to register and simple to use. Top up anytime, anywhere straight from your smart phone. Securely save your payment details to your account and you’ll be able to top up your smart Pay As You Go meter in seconds.

How long does it take to set up a smart meter?

It’ll start to set up a connection with your smart meters. The screen will show “Connecting to smart meter”. This can take up to five minutes. Once the connection has been established, the screen will show the current consumption for electricity, recent gas usage and the house temperature.

Why do we need a smart meter in the UK?

You can save energy and money: tracking how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, and in real time, could help you save money. You can get a smart meter installed at no extra cost: all energy suppliers in the UK are fitting them now as part of the smart meter rollout.