Where are the ice balls on Lake Michigan?

Holland State Park
Lake Michigan ice balls appear on beach at Holland State Park.

What causes ice balls on Lake Michigan?

Ice balls form when turbulent water near the shore breaks up a layer of slushy ice, according to CNN Weather. The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids said Friday that it “finally got cold enough” for the ice balls to form on Lake Michigan. A brutal arctic blast in the Midwest triggered the phenomenon.

Is there any ice on the Great Lakes?

By March 3 (right), ice covered just 15 percent of the lake surfaces. Interestingly, the maximum ice cover this year was near the 1973-2020 average of 53 percent, according to Jia Wang, an ice climatologist at NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. But that’s where the averageness ends.

Is there still blue ice in Michigan?

When you have seen enough of blue ice and the ice volcanoes have stopped erupting, you can still catch one last Michigan ice phenomenon: the fabulous ice balls of Holland, Michigan.

Is there still blue ice in Mackinaw?

MACKINAW CITY — This winter, the natural phenomenon known as blue ice has made its return to the Straits of Mackinac and hundreds of people are flocking to the area to see its beauty. Although the ice is not actually blue — the ice is actually clear — it does look as though it is varying shades of blue.

What causes blue ice in Mackinaw City?

As for the science behind the blue ice? Apparently, it’s due to a lack of air bubbles, and how the eye perceives the ice, according to staff at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, where blue ice also can form near the famous ice caves.

What are ice balls called?

Sleet (a.k.a. ice pellets) are small, translucent balls of ice, and smaller than hail. They often bounce when they hit the ground.

How do you make a ice Ball?

Get yourself a silicone ice ball tray like this one that comes in a pack of six.

  1. Over a pot of water (or better yet, a cooler as that will produce lots of clear ice) make a wire loop that the ice ball mold will sit on.
  2. Fill the pot with water just up to the wire.
  3. Freeze it.
  4. Let it freeze, then remove it.

Can you still see blue ice in Mackinaw City?

in Mackinaw City is a good place to view the blue ice with a backdrop of the Mackinac Bridge. “Ice only appears blue when it is sufficiently consolidated so that air bubbles do not interfere with the passage of light,” Apostle Islands staff explained in 2018.

Is there still blue ice at Mackinaw City?

How big are ice balls in Lake Michigan?

A similar marvel occurred last winter in Lake Michigan’s Good Harbor Bay, prompting officials to comment on the impressive size of the ice balls, some of which weighed more than 50 pounds.

What kind of ice is in Lake Michigan?

If you’ve ventured to one of our Great Lakes when it’s not completely frozen, perhaps you’ve noticed an interesting series of floating ice pieces throughout the water. Most commonly found in Lake Michigan, these circular ice formations resemble frozen lily pads, and they’re nothing short of mesmerizing.

Where are the most beautiful ice formations in Michigan?

9 Majestic Ice Formations That Prove Winter Is The Most Beautiful Season In Michigan 1 Lake Michigan 2 Eben Ice Caves 3 Tahquamenon Falls 4 Lake Superior 5 Pancake ice 6 The Dryer Hose 7 Lake Huron 8 Grand Island Ice Caves 9 The Detroit River

Where are the ice balls in the water?

A YouTube user uploaded video of the phenomenon in Glen Arbor, Mich., yesterday. The clip shows thousands of rounded, boulder-sized ice balls bobbing up and down in the water.